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  1. FMs for Nov 2008 version

    Pete - I want to add my thanks to the list. Your work is awesome! I can't wait until I can have only one install of FE!
  2. I'm also getting CTD with new install, expansion, and latest patch. :cray:
  3. I've been researching the TrackIR 4 Pro and found that the Natural Point web site has it listed for $130. Pretty much every retailer still has it listed for $180. I also noticed that New Egg had it listed as deactivated and no longer carries it. Does anyone know what's up? Are they coming out with another model?
  4. This is my first post on the fourms, as I have only started playing flight sims again (after about a ten year hiatus) over the past couple of weeks. This community is awesome! You guys put some serious work into these sims! I gotta say I'm having almost as much fun modding the game as I am playig it! Anyway, I just did a fresh install with the expansion pack and no April patch so I can use Pete's flight models. While I am having a ton of fun, I noticed that the SE5a can handle about anything I do with the stick without stalling or spinning. It's almost like I'm flying in Xwing or Freespace. I'm pretty sure I installed all the flight models correctly, I'm flying on hard flight model, and I am using the most recent July release by Pete. Do I need to be doing something else?
  5. Does this work with the April '08 patch?

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