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  1. Youtube

    In an unmoderated forum, why would that even matter? Are they really saying something too intentionally shock you? Or...Are they simply expressing an opinion that you just happen to find shocking? Does it really matter either way? Without the elements of body language and voice inflection to give added clues, you just have to take the words you see on your screen at face value. I guess my whole point is to just let the Freaks have their say. If you dont like it, you can either ignore them (prolly the best course of action) Or you can engage them in a flame war. Someone prolly will anyway and it can be fun at times. As long as no threats are made and no laws are broken, words cant REALLY hurt you. Unless you let them.
  2. AIRCRAFTOBJECT.INI !!!!!!!!! Thats the one I was looking for. These are the entries I wanted to play with [DogfightVeteran] SafeAltitude=200 LookoutAngle=150 DefensiveAngle=120 ChanceDefensiveTurn=50 ChanceBreakTurn=100 ChanceHardTurn=100 ChanceTurnDirection=100 ChanceContinue=50 ChanceCheckNewTarget=45 ChanceUseVertical=50 FightWithoutAmmo=0 CannonFireAngle=1.0 RQIRMFireAngle=9.0 ASIRMFireAngle=15.0 RHMFireAngle=20.0 MaxPitchInput=1.0 MissileDetectChance=100 MaxCannonRange=2250 OptimalCannonRange=600 MinCannonRange=150 MaxRollForGunAttack=90 CannonBurstLengthShort=0.5 CannonBurstLengthLong=1.0 MaxRudderForGunAttack=1.0 MaxRudderForManeuver=1.0 [DogfightAce] SafeAltitude=167 LookoutAngle=180 DefensiveAngle=120 ChanceDefensiveTurn=75 ChanceBreakTurn=100 ChanceHardTurn=100 ChanceTurnDirection=100 ChanceContinue=25 ChanceCheckNewTarget=50 ChanceUseVertical=100 FightWithoutAmmo=1 CannonFireAngle=0.8 RQIRMFireAngle=10.0 ASIRMFireAngle=20.0 RHMFireAngle=25.0 MaxPitchInput=1.0 MissileDetectChance=100 MaxCannonRange=2000 OptimalCannonRange=500 MinCannonRange=100 MaxRollForGunAttack=180 CannonBurstLengthShort=0.25 CannonBurstLengthLong=0.5 MaxRudderForGunAttack=1.0 MaxRudderForManeuver=1.0 Thanx for the help Lexx. And you too RAVIN
  3. Does anyone know which file controls AI flight behavior? Its the one that lets you modify things like Minimum alt, spotting ranges and vectors ect, for the different quality AI pilots (IE: ACE pilots can maneuver at lower alts and can spot you at longer ranges and and from all directions where as GREEN pilots mostly look strait ahead and can only see you at shorter ranges and have higher minimum altitudes and such) I fiddled with this a long time ago, maybe even b4 the last patch, and liked the results I got. I have been extracting files like crazy (HUDDATA.INI, INVIROMENTSYSTEM.INI and others) trying to find it but dont know where else to look. Could someone please help me? Im using a unified WOE/WOV/SFP1 install
  4. Youtube

    I rather like the uncensored, unmoderated, freeforall nature of the youtube comments. You get to see what people are really thinking in an unfiltered way, for better or for worse. Of course the freaks and the trolls are gonna show their heads but there are alot comments that go towards the good side as well. Does the good outway the bad? Who knows? Probably not but does it really matter? At the end of the day its only characters on a computer screen. They cant hurt you unless you let them.
  5. Popular AVIATION movies you've watched and liked!

    "The High and the Mighty" by Ernest K Gann John Wayne flying a sick DC-4 Might be a bit hard to find but it is out there on DVD.
  6. What is your porn star name?

    Tinker NorthCherry
  7. Three books....

    I bought Eagle Engaged cuz it has several pictures of "my" birds from my days in USAF. Page 72 closest to bottom of the page. Tail# 6069 550th Silver Eagles. 405th TFTW Luke AFB. Thats one of mine. (still got the squadron sticker on the case of my Stratocaster) Its been over 20 yrs and I stll remember all the tail numbers. Oh yea, Its also a fantastic book on the history of the F-15. EagleCharlie
  8. Any AH'ers here?

    Just finished my 2 week trail last weekend and subscribed. I used to play AirWarrior and then moved to Warbirds some years ago but had not played for a long time. I started out wanting to play Warbirds again but the price has gone up and so I checed out AH. Frankly for about half the price Aces High seems to be just as good if not better then WB as far as I can tell. I usually fly alone and used to take a P-51D and fly towards a furball. But something about the gunnery model just doesnt work well for me (I cant seem to put enough lead into the target to kill it) and I always ended up blowing my E and stall fighting just to try to get guns on the target and my K/D ratio has reflected that fact. So Friday night I started flying the Dora9 and my K/D has gone up dramatically. With those cannons, a couple of hits is all it takes wich is good for me cuz my gunnery sucks lately. (too many hours flyin an F-4C missle fighter in WO*)
  9. Generation Kill

    I just finished the last episode this morning. The best thing I've seen since "Band of Brothers" My only real criticism is that its not long enough. 7 hrs just goes by too quickly
  10. Cracked me up

  11. I gotta say that since the release of the VooDoo's, Recce is what I been flying the most. I added a Sqdn of them to the Rolling Thunder campain so I could take'em "DownTown" Very Intense. In SEA I always fly down in the weeds. Dont know if its the best tactic but it is certainly the most fun. Nothing like going Full AB over Hanoi at 300'. The only time I have been shot down was after clearing the target. After crossing the border I cut the AB's and started a lazy climb back up to alt for the flight home. I can just imagine what that MiG-21 driver was thinking when he saw me do that. I never saw him. Fortunatly the PJ's got to me before the badguys did. Never let your guard down and check 6 on egress.
  12. OT anyone noticed?

    I extend the digitus impudicus and pluck yew!!!
  13. The ability to operate from a carrier (and all the planes to fly) is the main reason I fly TK's sims now and hardly ever play Falcon 4.0 anymore. F4 has the VERY challenging ATA refueling routine, but carrier ops just kick a$$
  14. My question would be...Why not??? It would be a great source of revenue for the state, and nobody ever died from smoking weed. The same cannot be said of alcohol or tobacco.
  15. dumb rudder question

    nope. Your backwards.

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