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  1. I loaded the SCW mod over WoV and it worked great except I can not load bombs on any aircraft. There are no bombs showing in the stores in both single mission and campaign. The Weapons File folder was loaded into the objects folder as per instructions. What do I need to do to activate the bombs?
  2. Help, No Bombs in FE

    Thanks again for all the help. I love the game and have now purchased WoE and WoV and am just waiting for them to arrive.
  3. Help, No Bombs in FE

    Thanks for all the help. Is this the right forum to ask for technical help on First Eagles? To be more specific: The bomb loads shown on the load out panel will not appear on any aircraft. It does not matter whether the aircraft are AI, flyable, or third party; no bombs or rockets appear nor can any be dropped. Even the AI bombers appear as empty in combat. The weapons folder has been updated with all the add-on bombs and rockets, and a copy is placed under Objects and Aircraft. I have downloaded the recommended flight model, but will have to wait 'til later to unpack it. I do hope I will be able to get this problem solved as I am thrilled with the game. I haven't had an opportunity to fly WWI aircraft since "Red Barron". Thanks again
  4. HI Guys: I purchased a copy of FE and the addon. These are installed and patched and every thing works except for the bombs. They just will not show up no matter where I move the Weapons directry to. I would appreciate any help you can give me. Thanks Xeno2x

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