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  1. Hi guys.New here and must say , pretty cool site. I have downloaded some skins for lock on. I am told to extract them to the bazar, temp textures , in the game. When i try to do this, it keeps saying access denied and i cant do anything. Any tips???
  2. Hi there.New to your site.I have had lomac flaming cliffs for awhile now,but have always kind of been a ww2 buff.But, the more I play around and learn things about this sim,I really am starting to get hooked.One thing though.I think I have a decent pc-Amd 6000 cpu dual core(3000mhz), 2 gig ram, fast 250 gig hdd,huge gaming case(antec) with lots of fans, and aftermarket cooler for cpu.Also 8800gtx video.The weird thing is whenever I watch lomac videos on youtube or even screenshots from this site, I have to say my graphics don't look as good or smooth???1680 x 1050 on 22" widescreen monitor.Just wondering if there's a patch or what.I have always had some jaggys and strange lighting effects while playing,even on my old system.Everything is cranked up as high as it would go.Don't get me wrong, plays fast and looks good too.Just not as good as what I see everywhere else.The game is pretty buggy too.Sometimes it will just shut off and stop working on certain missions or whatever.Another thing is I downloaded desert skin for su33 and "all planes" download.But, I don't even know how to install these in the game.I installed modman off this site too, but really confused.When I click "mods installer", it says " no add ons".Just could use some help and keep up the good site!!!

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