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  1. Business Proposal: World Languages

    That is ok. I imagined so, specially considering that is a very competitive language pair. If you ever need any kind of assistance, just let me know.
  2. Business Proposal: World Languages

    Hello there Erik, I am also interested in helping out with the English - Spanish part. I am studying to become a translator, and I am also a freelance journalist. Since I downloaded content in the past and never gave back anything to the community (I am a kind of dropout of the simulation world now), I think it will be a good opportunity to do so. Just for the sake of practice, it´s a good idea. My command of other languages is limited (french, portuguese and italian) is very limited, so other experts can get their hands on those. And tu sum it up, I am interested in military and aviation topics.
  3. Mc Cain's Plane

    I would definitely love to have one of those. The only thing I don´t know is how I would fill it. And the parking space. And my gas bill is gonna be huge, but hey, I can paste my name on it and have wild parties, and invite the whole Combatace community.

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