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  1. Armor skins

    Maybe after I complete several I'll offer something in a package form. Right now it is just an inducement for folks to read the forums after all thats where you sometime find the best things. Just wish the armor models had a few more polys , you could probably get them looking quite virtualistic. I have not decided which piece I will take on next I guess I'll just go through the tactical reference manual and see what grabs my fancy.
  2. Armor skins

    OK Troops listen up here is the finished version of one of my skins from the Steel Beasts Pro PE converted for use in Falcon 4.0 AF. You will need an LOD editor in order to install these skins into F4AF. Have fun and give me some feedback, if this is a worthwhile project. Better yet tell the devs at Lead Pursuit to get in touch with me. LOL Abrams.zip
  3. Armor skins

    No I have not made that consideration as I will undoubtedly play with them a lot more, maybe even do them as 512 x 512 so as to capture more details. I believe all the armor models have the potential for improvement through applying new textures though I will say the models leave a bit to be desired but I guess when you overfly them at a couple hundred knots they don't have to be that sophisticated. I guess Im somewhat spoiled coming from an armor sim viewpoint. I am still amused by their M-60 model with the russian road wheels.
  4. Armor skins

    Correct names is a bit of a misnomer some correspond and some dont, M1A1 is listed as K-1 another example is the third one down in the vehics list it is an M-60 and it really is a piece of Russian Hardware. Here is one of my Abrams Skins converted over. Its #2 on the vehicle list as K-1. Its not complete but you will get the idea. Abrams.zip
  5. Armor skins

    Thanks MB. Ive already got an LOD editor and understand how to place the bitmapped images inthe HDR file but If I need some help you are first on the list. Has anyone mapped the aircraf and vehicle list in the HDR files so they are easier to use.
  6. Armor skins

    Let me introduce myself CONGO. I have done quite a few skins for the Steel Beasts website and I have been thinking of adapting some of them for use in Alied Force if there is enough interest. I know the polymodels are somewhat rudimentary but I fell like I could improve upon them. What say yee?

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