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  1. JF 17 Thunder Block II + Weapon Pack

    Beautiful as it looks in reality flying.
  2. I am testing out a F-7MP version of Pakistan Airforce i have added the Martin baker Mk10 ejection seat and pilot with HGU-55P crash helmet western weapons and will be adding a radar and counter measures.
  3. Mirage50 in most cases has the nose of Mirage F-1 some earlier Mirage 50 variants has Mirage 5PA3 nose.
  4. Mirage 5PA3 is a very unique variant as it is optimized for Anti Shipping role with AM-39 Exocet Missile and equipped with AGAVE radar instead of Cyrano IV and Mirage 5EF ROSE 2, 3 are low level penetraters optimized for all weather day/night operations equipped with SAGEM Dart FLIR giving it precision strike capablity.
  5. Tailplane is working in opposite direction when pulling up tail work in correct direction.
  6. Iam running it in SF2I,SF2E and SF2V patched upto june 2012
  7. Mirage 5F by ludo.m54 F-4F ICE by ravenclaw_007
  8. when start mission some of the add ons don't appear only hanging weapons.
  9. i wanna know how can HUD be added in Cockpit or existing one can be modified. I have added radar modes but now want to modify HUD
  10. where to get Sundowner Indian Air Force Skin? i couldn't find it in skin section.
  11. i can someone plz help me what kind of modifications r needed to make this campaign playable in WOE oct 2008 patched.
  12. 1965 campaign would be good addition or the operations of F-16s over the years in the first Afghan War 1979-1989

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