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  1. I am glad its not only me thats suffering long loading times, although I don't smoke I can go off make a cup of tea and a sandwich and still be back in time to take to the skies, its always that last 20% of loading that takes time, I think thats when the avionics are loading! Lazboy
  2. Didn't the Carter administration look at a 747 that would have been capable of launching the nuclear armed version of the ALCM instead of the B-1A
  3. Well I have added Green Hell 2 to SF2:V and I am happy with the overall result other than the water is now effectively white wheras in SF2:E it is very blue, is there any way that I can run Green Hell 2 and still have blue water in SF2:V similar to that which is stock in SF2:E? Lazboy
  4. Ok I have found an addon Intruder that is flyable in SF2:V straight out of the box without any modification and which is available here in the downloads section, namely the A-6A Flight of the Intruder. For some reason which can only be related to the cockpit this particular addon works without any problems in SF2:V. lAZBOY
  5. I have expierenced no problems with adding any other aircraft into WOV2 as I have followed the steps outlined in the great tutorial in the Knowledge base but following the exact same steps with any of the addon Intruders and in the game the aircraft simply don't appear as selectable aircraft, my Voodoos and Vigilantes presented no such problem, is there anything significantly different about the Intruders? Lazboy
  6. I have been trying to add one of the downloadable Intruders into WOV2 as a flyable plane but without any success, I have consulted the Knowledge base but still cannot get them to appear in the list of flyable planes, other aircraft I have added without any problems..any clues as to where I am going wrong? Lazboy
  7. Fingers crossed it doesn't end up another U-571, revisionist history with the worst piece of casting ever in a war film, Jon Bon Jovi....argh! Lazboy
  8. U.S. Navy to the rescue!

    Just a matter of time they are not going anywhere, let them get tired and hungry and then under the cover of darkness send them to meet their ancestors. Lazboy
  9. An interesting topic as some reference I have seen do allude to fuselage mounted AIM-9 launchers see below: "The F-104C was designed mainly for delivery of tactical nuclear weapons, which it could carry on a centerline pylon attachment which had a 2000-pound capacity. It could carry the Mark 28 and Mark 43 nuclear weapons. Although some references claim that a 225 US gallon drop tank could be carried on this centerline pylon, it was exclusively a weapons pylon and was not plumbed to take fuel ports. In October 1961, F-104Cs were subjected to Project Grindstone, a program in which the Lockheed factory modernized the fighter. Among the changes made was the addition of a catamaran-shaped device which enabled another pair of Sidewinder air-to-air missiles to be mounted underneath the fuselage. When this device was attached, the nuclear weapon could not be carried. The device was not popular in the field as it had an extremely high drag and the glass seeker heads of the Sidewinder missiles tended to get badly pitted by dust and debris kicked up by the nose wheel." Lazboy
  10. Perhaps we should have a Syrinx nose art competition! lol
  11. Not so sure about the blue polka dots but she is a beautiful lady with curves in all the right places from a classic era of british aircraft that I fear we will never see the like of again. Lazboy
  12. TSR2

    Did Bongodriver ever finish his TSR2 model or did real life intervene? Lazboy
  13. Hopefully you will work your magic and produce some glorious Gulf War skins featuring some fabulous nose art. The Gulf War saw a re-emergence of classic nose art on RAF Tornados and Buccaneers, perhaps we will even see a unique Syrinx piece of Nose art.
  14. Chuck Yeager advised the Pakistan Air Force during the 1971 airwar Well I learn't something new whilst reading up on the 1971 Pakistan / India airwar, it appears that Chuck Yeager was an air force attache and advisor to the Pakistan air force during the period of 1971 airwar and even interviewed and interrogated downed indian pilots. For details of his involvement read his own words in the link below: http://babriet.tripod.com/articles/art_yeager.htm Lazboy
  15. Here are some photos of the bomb bay that might assist you. Lazboy

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