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  1. Fokker DVI

    Thanks for sharing the file. Here is a picture I saw of a DVI in an ad for a scale model by Roden. It looks like a mating of the Dr1 engine with the DVII's wings and fuselage. From what I've read though, it was a completely new aircraft that would have won the 1918 fighter competition if it hadn't been eclipsed by the DVII.
  2. Fokker DVI

    Just wondering if anyone had ever considered doing a Fokker DVI for First Eagles? Not many produced, but it is an interesting link between the Dr1 and the DVII. I know it's out there as an R/C model and Roden makes a scale model.
  3. Thanks for your prompt response! I saw the data showed "rotary engine". I downloaded the dh2 and it works like a charm!
  4. I'm new to FE and I am running the game with the Apr 08 patch. I've downloaded several planes which are great. The problem I'm having is the Pfalz e series and the Fokker E series by Laton have no engine sound when I play the game. I tried these before the patch and there was no sound then. So is it my system or is this an already identified problem? Thanks for any guidance.

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