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  1. Hi Ranger, did it 3 times no luck. No mods, not the wally version, either. I'm running Win ME w/ 40.72 drivers. It runs great without the patch but I can't get past desktop once it's installed. I sent a PM to TK and haven't heard anything back just yet. Hopefully soon.... Thanks for trying though. I'm not trying to hi-jack your thread either dude, I'm just getting quite frustrated with it. Later.
  2. I might be a little more excited about that if I could run SF with the first patch.
  3. Well I can't get SF to run post-patch. It stops me cold at the start-up screen. I'm running Win ME and I have Strike Fighter's version "24147CD1". Also, I've never had any mods. I have no problems running SF without the patch and I've done a clean re-install...still no joy. My sys....P4 1.8/ 384 rdram/ GF4 ti 4600. Please help! :shock: Is there a better place to post this where it may even get read? This thread seems kind of buried in the muck.

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