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  1. KAW pilot pics and new loading sound

    Some Pilot pics and a new loading sound for KAW.
    Loading sound replaces the annoying high pitched jet wind up sound with a more subtle Pres. Truman's radio address
    to the American people about the invasion of South Korea.


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  2. USN Korean War CVs

    This is a mod of the A-Team Essex class carriers.
    It represents ALL the fleet carriers used by the USN in Korea.
    Straight decks and jets. Nuff said. Corsairs are extremely difficult to land on these things.
    practice makes perfect!
    You need the LODs from the A-team Essex ships to make this work.
    For the non SBC-27s you need the following LODs ( Available at A-Team under Ships/CV-9 Essex)
    ////////// EssexA-R4.LOD
    For the SBC-27s you need the followinf LODs (Available at A-Team under Ships/CV-14 Ticonderoga Class)
    The non SBC-27s represent the newer Essexes equipped with hydraulic catapults and jet specific equipment.
    The SBC-27s represent the ships with the new Island no 5in turrets and more powerful hydralic catapults.
    This mod is not perfect but it will give you the feeling of what it must of been like for our Naval Aviators in Korea.
    All I did was repaint and respot the parked aircraft. All other credit goes to A-Team.


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