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  1. Can anybody please tell me how many plane add on the is for the WOE? I mean real add on, not share cockpit, and not just change the paint of a cockpit like MiG-19 just repaint A-4's cockpit. I mean like MiG-21MF, it have its own cockpit.
  2. I put everything in the E:\WOE\object\aircraft\Su-7 Put I still can't find it in the game to flight. It is still a unflyable plane
  3. I just download Su-7 cockpit from http://forum.combatace.com/index.php?autoc...p;showfile=6159 But it is not working. I did put all of it's file under Su-7 file.
  4. My monitor is a 1280x1024. And plane often blind themself in the ground colour. I mean if they flight below you. You can 't tell the difference between plane and ground. And when I said 5km, I mean I use my eye not HUD, and I mean in real life. Last time a F-111 flight about 5km away I can still know it is F-111 because of it's shape.
  5. I think there is a little design problem. I can't trim the plane. Is there a patch?
  6. That thread did say anything about my problem.
  7. No, I can only see them whem they are in my gun range. And I do not believe that other sim cheated. Because I can see and IDENTIFY a plane from a distant great that 5km. But in this game even if I see MiG-21 from 4km away, I wouldn't know it is a MiG-21.
  8. I don't know if anyone feel the same. But it is hard to see in this game. Unlike in Lock on and IL-2, you can spot a plane from 10km away. But I can ony see less that 1 km in this game. Is there any patch for this?
  9. MiG-21MA

    By the way, does MiG-21 have RWR?
  10. In windows vista, every time when I trying to press ESC botton to esc the mission, it will esc the whole game to windows. Can anyone help me to fix this problem?
  11. MiG-21MA

    How can I download ?

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