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  1. hi when i got recon mission tac dont update the waypoint when u get there. it work fine in ohter mission, is the recon mission work as it sould ?
  2. i had seen it. but in ohter games when set to default it use the dektop res which i normal use, so in this case i did not think that could be the problem.
  3. ok now i found out :) its in the graphics config. under display options it was set to default resolution when i set it on select resolution all went fine :) so hope it will work for ohters that see this problem over and out chaos49
  4. thanks for the tip, but there is no luck. could it be the gfx driver thats the problem ?
  5. yes game are patch up to 1.47 :and now the game had make a sysstem failure so all my data are lost :( allmost. will take time to restore it again
  6. hi after i install hith i now see fps drop down to 1 or 2 fps and then go back to 60 fps. i try to set all on low setings but its still do it, i have no problems before. my system: AMD 550 gfx 2 * 7900gtx sli mode asus crossair mbo. win xp pro sp3. what can be the isure ?
  7. Backing up

    ups iam sorry its the pilots and missiondata, u need to take a copy off. u copy the old data back in, u have to activate u man and start from last time u save. the game just pop up a text before u start flying, u just click OK.
  8. Backing up

    C:\OBDSoftware\CFSWW1 Over Flanders Fields\campaigns\CampaignData\Pilots and the campaign folder, so u will be safe. Happy flying
  9. hi i had played this game for 6 hours and 2 times when in flight the game stop and go back to mission choice screen, and when i look at the info the clock time has jump forward in time. is it a bug ?
  10. engine stop

    thanks for the help :)
  11. hi all how do i turn the engine off. thanks
  12. sfp1

    thanks then i start download some mission and take a look at the readme
  13. sfp1

    hi iam new to the thrid wire flight sim and looking for some new mission and campaigns, i have a look at the download page but like to know if there are a list were to view with mission belong to eks sfp1 happy flying

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