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  1. Well I wouldnt put it past a groundhog. They are pretty "tolerant" of people being nearby and if they get pissed, they may in fact charge (as the video showed). Im always afraid when fishing on a bank of a river that a groundhog will just come up and bite. Often you'll hear a rattling in the grass and see a groundhog come out lumbering towards you, completely indifferent to your pressence, and probably kind of agitated. Unless of course they all have rabies! (or the black death like their cousins the prairie dogs often have.....)
  2. Is there a way to...

    Application data is a hidden folder so you'll need to enable hidden folders to see it. In Vista, go to: local disk>users>username>appData you then need to go to the roaming subfolder before continuing with the address as Homeboy showed for XP.
  3. who said woodchucks couldnt chuck wood?

    Good call. Try here: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/10137

    Try this to save videos: http://www.savetube.com/
  6. Congrats! And here is to many more than 22 more left in you guys!!!
  7. Just a heads up on Patches...

    Even if the fuel is pressurized in such a way to be fed when inverted or pulling negative g's, the engine probably would be starved of oil very quickly and could only sustain that for a few seconds. But certainly within those few seconds it wouldnt hurt the engine and having a continuously fed engine with fuel would indeed be an advantage. What sort of ideas for a scenery pack are there???
  8. TrackIR preset buttons

    Thanks guys. Ill be giving this a try soon.
  9. Just a heads up on Patches...

    I do like the flurry of update activity of late. Great work guys and thanks for the great continued support!
  10. Im unable to get my trackIR presets (F9, F12, etc) to stay mapped to my joystick.... Im assuming it is because I unplug the AC adapter from the joystick when not in use because it heats up quite a bit with power plugged. Any ideas as to how to keep from having to reprogram everytime?
  11. Suggested Graphics Settings

    Use nhancer and see if you can crank up the AA and AF since the game is more CPU dependent than GPU. Modern CPUs still are stretched by the flight sim engine but usually a modern GPU has a lot of headroom relatively. Im running a 2.2ghz quad and a 9800gtx+ and have my settings at 5 except for terrain and scenery at 2. But my AA is set at 16xS and the AF is at 4x. I for one prefer to have the clouds and effects maxed out while "sacrificing" a bit on the terrain. Backing off the scenery and terrain will thus help smooth it out while letting you use higher settings for the other stuff. Also, be sure to lock the frame rates to something like 20-30 to help smooth things out if that's a concern.
  12. Windows 7

    Dont get your hopes up on Google's. It's based on linux (probably meaning it is linux) and so it would be hardly any better than Ubuntu (which is actually quite good except for Flash player support and not much for 3d games). If you want to try something new in the meantime that isnt Windows and is free though, try Ubuntu.
  13. Windows 7

    Can you find out what processor you have and its name/type? Based on the fact that you said it was a quad core and is fairly new, it probably is... 64bit allows up to 17 billion gigs of RAM (current Vista limits are 128 so 7 probably the same, though these can increase over time at MS's whim...). 32bit can only handle a theoretical max of 4 gigs (RAM capacity doubles with each increase of a single bit). 64bit can process some math processes a bit faster (probably not noticeable though). 64bit are also more secure in theory (though in time they wont be any more secure than 32bit as people begin to adapt to 64bit apps. Plus windows 64bit is really a cross between 32bit and 64bit so a 32bit program can run on it as well so I doubt security is really an advantage). Mainly the advantage is in the extra RAM they can handle.
  14. Windows 7

    Id say go for 64bit. Drivers arent as scarce as some say, at least not now. Plus drivers are more and more common for 64bit. On the otherhand, it is a major concern to be sure hardware works so of course youd want to be sure there are first. Graphics cards will run fine in 64 as well as track IR. What joystick do you have? Vista/7 will likely find the drivers for your joysticks without you having to install another set of drivers to get them running. In fact, it is rare in general to not have the OS find drivers and install them for you. TrackIR wasnt automatic, but loading the drivers off the disc/download worked fine (as long as the TrackIR USB wasnt plugged in at the time!). Overall, I havent had any problems finding drivers for 64bit, even a year ago. Plus, newer devices you add will almost certainly be available with 64bit. And if you do get 64bit, and your MOBO can handle it, treat yourself to some extra RAM too!

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