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  1. Thanks. The primary reaction was down to a mis conceived chain of communication at our end, not at GMGs end, this prompted the initial post by myself, that has been resolved. The tools used to convert the freeware model are technically reverse engineering tools, in this instance being used to good ends, however in the wrong hands could be used to rip off authors models with out their permission, although GMG are acting in good faith, the non supply of the source files is forcing them to use tools that used in the incorrect context are illegal, as a payware developer I cannot be seen to condone or support the use of such tools, even if used on freeware models, those still have rights too, and especially as the tools could be used against me in other circumstances, so its a principle issue as well. To make things correct and technically legal GMG need the source files, they now have these, they are free to modify to the Strike Fighters series and use as they see fit so long as they remain freeware, they are not permitted to modify the source files to other variants of the F-84 series, only the RF-84 variant is permitted, the F-84 from my collection has already been passed to other developers and there rights need to be protected as well, by the same context I would not expect the F-84 division to modify to the RF-84, both have their cake and both should be able to eat them fairly. Sorry for the long dialogue but I wanted to take the time to explain that it was more than just a ; he didn't ask me situation. Thank you for your understanding Michael
  2. Agreed, lets see if we can sort this out the right way with the right people. Best regards Michael
  3. On the contrary I have done my homework, modifying files or my models for any other sim except MSFS is strictly forbidden, Phil at Alphasim has acted incorrectly and has been informed so. Permission to move the RF-84 or any of my models from MSFS freeware or payware is strictly forbidden, my files, my permission. Best regards Michael
  4. Thank you for your reply, however Phil does not own the model I do, it is my model sold through Alphasim, he does not have the authority to let you convert the model with out my permission. Once the model is released as freeware then Alphasim have no ownership of the parts that belong to me, that is the model and the paints, Phil only has permission to the panel, sounds or gauges, not the model. If you open the aircraft cfg files you will see that I am the author of the model and the paints, Not Phil Perrot of Alphasim, I cannot understand how you have modified the RF-84 with out the source files, the only possible way is that you have the source files or have reverse engineed the model, either way, neither is permitted I am sorry to say he has allowed access where he does not have authority. Best regards Michael
  5. Dear sir, Can you please tell me who gave you permission to modifiy the Alphasim RF-84G please ?, and where did you get the source files from please ?. The Alphsism RF-84G was made freeware to Sim Outhouse forums only and only to that site, it is not permitted to be modified or uploaded to any other site or sim. I look forward to your reply and explanations. Best regards Michael Davies Alphasim RF-84G owner.

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