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  1. dagger, Just uninstalled when you posted, registry cleaned, I don't have any terrains or anything else installed! Going to try everything else you suggested. I am sure I will be back to let everyone know how I get on. thanks for your tips (I am bloody sick) love the game though cheers Marc
  2. snapple, I may be dumb but how do you install the patch correctly? I thought that you just clicked the exe and walla, everything installed into the correct directory? no? i am not trying to be funny but i am still having major problems! I can't do a format, wor lass won't allow it! cheers Marc
  3. cheers for the info & greets lads BUT, still no go, tried a fresh install, registry cleaned. Still r key ctd even though remapped to button on my MS Sidewinder Precision 2, and now I am getting stuttering sound in all aircraft, tried different drivers for my soundcard and problem still occurs. Are you guys using DX9?, If I think back my problems seem to have begun after I installed DX9, looks like a format and re-install unless I can revert back to DX8.1, any ideas? cheers Marc
  4. hi all I've just got the game and installed the patch. however I am getting a few problems 1)ctd with the 'r' button when i try to get a target from radio on all aircraft 2)sound is stuttering (best description i can give) when flying the phantom horribly so it slows the graphics down 3)no upgrade when i am told my aircraft have been upgraded 4)flight group don't seem to attack aircraft or if they do they don't use their missiles. I have tried turning down the sound acceleration on my sound card, different settings on graphics card, to no avail. I have tried different settings ingame to no avail also. I have installed all the latest drivers for my hardware, still no joy would be a lovely game if only it was 100% playable any help would be appreciated cheers marc my specs amd xp1800+ 256mb crucial geforce 4 ti 4200 64mb hercules fortissimo II ps its horrible in 16 bit graphics ;)

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