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  1. Any ideas how I should go about getting started with my new CH HOTAS setup? Does any one have any Maps done already? The instructions are a bit vague IMO. Should I setup the controls within LOMAC, or should I use the CH program? I find it a bit confusing. Does CH manager have to run when LOMAC is running? I'm flying the A-10 at the moment, and cheating with the Easy Radar option :) Any ideas?! I would really appreciate any advice.
  2. Hi First post here. I've ordered a copy of WOE and hope its as good as its supposed to be. I've got back into my flight sims recently, and was thinking of getting a set of pedals for rudder purposes. My questions are... 1, Im used to playing MS CFS series and crimson skies with auto rudder- is this feature available in WOE? 2, Does anybody have any experience of the C&H rudder pedals or the Saitek pedals? 3, Could I use, for example, a set of C&H pedals with my Logitech joystick? Would the WOE game support this? I have heard there are compatibility issues with C&H pedals and other manufacturers joysticks. 4, Whats the best Joystick for WOE (and other sims), without spending £300? Any advice would be really appreciated. And sorry for the long list of questions! :) Thanks, Mark

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