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  1. A problem just occurred recently while i was playing dcs black shark. When i start flying a mission, everything is fine. But as soon as i touch the joystick, the helicopter immediately pitches back as hard as it possibly can. I have calibrated the joystick and tried it on my various other flight sims, and no problems have arisen so far, so im assuming that its only a problem with dcs. When i go to "Axis tune" in controls, and leave the joystick centered, it gives me this for the y axis: http://filesmelt.com/dl/Launcher_2010-06-02_15-51-14-76.bmp I noticed the placement of the boxes and dots are sort of off to the left, whereas if i look at the x axis, they are right in the middle of the white square, and even on the red line. I'm wondering if the game is simply interpreting the joystick input wrong. Any help right now would be appreciated.
  2. DCS BS no product key

    Ok, so i finally broke down and bought dcs black shark on friday. I purchased the online version at their website. Once everything was said and done, i launched the game and tried to play one of the training missions. I was surprised when the game shut down, thinking it had crashed, but instead a little window popped up saying i had to "activate" the game. Did anyone else get any product key when they purchased this online? If so, when and where?
  3. No this is actually on xp.
  4. So I installed LOMAC on my new computer last week, with the flaming cliffs expansion. Now whenever I try to start up the game, starforce gives me a message that says that I have to have administrator privileges to install the software. Yet when i go to control panel > user accounts, it says i already have my account set as administrator. I tried re-installing the program, but that didnt work. Is there something i'm doing wrong? Please help
  5. I got WoE about a year ago and just now picked up on it again recently. until now, i had forgotten about the one pet peeve that made me quit the game in the first place: why does it take at least five minutes to load between each menu, and 15 minutes to atart flying. If it's any help, i love mods and have the 8.3 patch installed.

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