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  1. I edited the WOECAMP2_DATA file and gave the Reds a couple of flights of SU-27s that I downloaded to give myself some more interesting aerial opponents... but, though this largely worked like a charm, there's a frustrating problem I now have: The AI uses countermeasures when flying these aircraft and shot at with missiles (which is cool by me), and the damn countermeasures are 100% effective against any missile fired from any range at them (which is definately NOT so cool by me). Missile-proof aircraft are no fun for me to fight, and just plain decimate my wingmen, but I DO like the challenge of duelling aircraft with equal performance to mine. Is there any way to either make the countermeasures more realistic (that is, that are perhaps 25-35% effective, and only assuming you're able to put missiles on the beam) or disable the AI's ability to deploy countermeasures?

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