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  1. Yes, you can finally download it at www.web-discovery.net It only works on Win2000/XP systems. Joystick not necessary but reccomended. Cheers Alex
  2. A campaign to go with the great models

    Well if one day you win the lottery, don't forget about me !!!
  3. Check out heat effects ...

    No you are not wrong Ranger232, that happens because the geometry and the associated texture is drawn not considering the depth buffer (i.e. it appears in front of the rudder instead of behind). That's something to fix, but as i wrote, this is just a very early attempt of creating an heat effect ...
  4. Ok they don't look like LoMac, but this is the first rough version, still lot of work and tweaking to do on it. Check out this screenshot, more to come on my web site next days ...
  5. A campaign to go with the great models

    Hi Overkill, my aim (or perhaps i should say dream), is to build a complete, full featured war environment flight simulator, so i'd like, one day, to have also a dynamic campaign. In the while, i'm currently working on building a bunch of ground and air2air missions ...
  6. New aircraft added to glHorizon

    Yes, the site is on-line again !
  7. New aircraft added to glHorizon

    MadJeff, thanks again for your support to glHorizon, which is invaluable to me ! I just want to put some little notes about the three new aircrafts flight models. I was able to find tons of info about lift/drag data sets and mass and aerodynamic coefficients, so the flight model should be quite accurate, especially for the F-15. I'm planning to release soon the new glHorizon version which will feature all the aircrafts as playable, and also the new dogfight mission engine !
  8. New Video for GLHorizon Sim

    Unfortunately my ISP is totally crap !!! It doesn't allow me to have files bigger than 1Mbytes, among with several other limitations. I hope MadJeff can host those movies ... :roll:
  9. New Video for GLHorizon Sim

    Hi guys, the url for the video is wrong. Go on my home page and catch the two new videos ... :o
  10. Ummmmm......

    Hi Ranger232, how many fps do you get ? normally the flight model routine hangs on very slow puters, but yours seems quite a good one. Also, there is no collision detection at this time ...
  11. Unbelivable

    Hi savagkg, thanks ! Yes i'm currently trying to understand why that slowdown occurs. Other opengl developers got into it, so i'm waitin for some responses and advices from them, hoping to fix it soon. Bye
  12. Ummmmm......

    Hi guys, my name is Alex and i'm the developer of glhorizon flight simulator. If you have questions go ahead, i'm willing to answer ... :)

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