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  1. I have WOV, not SF, but under the campaign menu pick, there is "Section I: New Campaign" and "Section II: Load Campaign". When I select Section II, the list of saved campaigns appears in the pull down list. Hope this helps, good luck.
  2. The aircraft carriers in the Korean Terrain are flying about 50 feet off the surface of the water. I believe this is a problem with the Terrain itself, as the same objects (USS Philipine Sea carrier) seem to be OK in the VietnamSEA terrain set. Does anyone know how to fix this? Thanks
  3. I do not use the editor to change aircraft type. I edit the xxx_DATA.INI file under the campaign name in the "campaign" folder. For example, in the Korean War campaign (3rd party mod), AirUnit009 has the following info: [AirUnit009] AircraftType=A-1H Squadron=VA-55 StartDate=7/1/1950 ForceID=1 Nation=USN ... Change the AircraftType= any valid aircraft in the object folder. For example AircraftType=F9F-5 will switch the aircraft to an F9F Panther. A lot of info can be gathered by checking out the forums. Good Luck.
  4. Wow, I looked back at all the carrier campaigns in the Korea mod. ALL carriers seem to fly about 50 feet off the water during CAMPAIGNS ONLY. During regular missions, it looks like the carriers are where they should be. Does anyone know what could cause this?
  5. Rats! I wanted to start out with a simple mod of the Korea 3rd party campaign. I added a Kearsarge model, copied from the USS Philipine Sea model, which was included in the campaign. I thought I could just copy the model over to a new folder, with the name Kearsarge33, and change all the references in the .ini files from "philipine47" to "Kearsarge33". Well, it almost worked, the model recognized the new bitmap file with the hull number "47" erased (I plan on adding the "33" to the deck later), but the entire ship is floating 50 feet higher than it was before! I do not understand what could have caused this. the USS Philipine Sea appeared at the correct level, but my exact copy does not. If anyone has the answer to this problem, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  6. No instrument lights appeared for the t-45 Goshawk at night (I was trying to do night instrument quals). I found that I had to make a change in the cockpit.ini file. I had to change one parameter: NightLightColor=0.6,0.3,0.4 It matches a line I found in the F-4u (wwII) corsair cocpit.ini. Anyway it works now. Hopefully this info will help someone else.
  7. Does anyone know how to turn on cockpit lights in WOV/SFP1? Flashing nav lights without cockpit lights doesnt make sense. Are there any other undocumented key commands out there. Thanks.

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