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  1. thank you to sympathize with my pain Wrench! ;-))to be continue...;-)
  2. Thanks Wrench ... I repaint the hubs on 6.bmp but it's not satisfactory for me ...What is interressant with decals, is that the parametres of the TextureSet.ini has no effect or almost on this one ... Black is black with decals ! :-) I positioned more than 40 decals on B-29! And I did not finish! ;-) Audeladudelire
  3. Thanks for your reply Raven..
  4. Hello every body ..I made decals for the wheels of the B-29 but they are some graphic's bug on the tires and i don't know why !! help please .. thanks for your responses.(see the shots ) P.S sorry for my English ;-)
  5. Thank you very much for your replies and I like wasting my time...! ;-)
  6. Hello everybody! I made some Skins and I look for photos or drawings of Noses Arts for Invadeur b-26b of the 13thBS and the Meteor F-8 of the 77Sqn of the Korean War. I also look for a photo of the badge of the 3rd AURI in hi-resolution if possible. To finish, I look for images of numbers missions for b-29 of the 30thBS of the 19thBG (see the screenshots) .If you have photos or URL thank you in advance for your reponses!!:-) NB. I use the HDR mod. Audeladudelire
  7. THX Wrench ! J'attends avec impatience le nouveau mod Korean Air War !! :-)) et de plus j'ai realisé quelques skins pour des avions de cette periode .
  8. Please help ! Hello ... How to do to replace correctly or change some tiles in the Korean terrain by Eduard ? Thanks and sorry for my English ! I'm French ..;-)) some shots from my work (in progress )

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