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  1. IRIS: F-14

    New video that was posted from IRIS' facebbook page. Looking NICE!
  2. As seen on the TW facebook page. Only one screenshot included, VX-4.
  3. Just did some quick testing. A-6s are good after the Jan patch. (Thought I had installed that already. Doh! ) For the A-7s, it is only with the E model(A,B,C are all good, I didn't check the D). I'm running the May 2012 patch. Anyways, no biggie, its probably something on my end. thanks for your hard work, this is my favorite mod!
  4. I seem to have this problem with the A-6's and A-7's. Any ideas what I did wrong here? The tanks seem to be loaded when not selected in the arming screen.
  5. Nice Trap! Feels pretty good, doesn't it?!
  6. I think NASA used the F-15 as a thrust vectoring test bed, not the F-14. Linky: http://www.dfrc.nasa.gov/gallery/photo/F-15ACTIVE/HTML/EC96-43485-13.html
  7. Nice job! This made me go and purchase the F-4K DLC!
  8. Sounds GREAT! Can't get enough Nam.
  9. These are awesome! keep up the good work!
  10. Does the A-7 have an ILS? Is it supposed to? I can't seem to get it up on the HUD. The F-14 ILS works fine.
  11. WE'RE GETTING CLOSE BOYS! http://www.thirdwire.com/project_sf2na.htm
  12. The black on the spine behind the canopy should continue back in a tapered V shape as seen below. I think TK is working on paintjobs. You can see some variations of the VF-84 paint job on various screenshots. I'm a rivet counter. I admit it!

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