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  1. YAP2 for sale

    $25 dollars shipped. Just Yap2 not the WOV cd.
  2. Columbus AFB

    This site is very good. I'm an civilian aircraft mechanic at a USAF pilot training base in Oklahoma. http://www.baseops.net/militarypilot/
  3. I'm happy to report that this outstanding mod works in WOV WOI and WOE! Great mod.
  4. Can anyone help me add the gun to the F-111F I downloaded please? I can't seem to get it to show up even using the gun editor. Thanks.
  5. Your first combat flight sim...

    Here is a linky to the flight sim history page by MigMan. Lots of memories here: http://www.migman.com/simulations.htm
  6. Yes she is. Spent 6 years crewing one.
  7. Editor wouldn't open in XP but I got it now...Thanks.
  8. OK I did everything except the guneditor in the objects folder appears like a dos program or something and won't open up and do anything.It just flashes black for a split second then closes. Is the guneditor a separate utility I need or something? Or am I even trying to open the correct thing? Thanks.
  9. I installed it in WOI and the gun doesn't work. Any ideas? I'm a noob and just getting the hang of adding mods so any help with this would be appreciated.

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