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    As a Giants Fan, I am so glad they won. And it was nice to see teams other than the Phillies, Red Sox or Yankees at the World Series.
  2. General David Petraeus collapses under the weight of his own medals

    Haha Nice
  3. ..._

  4. Caption Competition :)

    "Dude, you forgot to back up your files."
  5. Random Pic Time

  6. I Dropped the Bomb...

    Haha I love dos gringos, they have some awesome songs. My personal favorite is The legend of shaved dogs ass.
  7. So I just got WOE and then the ODS campaign for it, but whenever i go to campaign mode the screen will go black and then never display anything, I followed the read me but i still don't know whats going on.
  8. Weird joystick layout

    It worked thanks
  9. So i got the Vietnam 1984 add on, and I went to go fly. But the controls are messed up from how I normally fly. So how do I edit the controls to get it to my likings, I tried where you normally edit the controls but it didn't work Also how do I edit the flight model difficulty for that too.
  10. Never mind I figured it out
  11. So I recently decided to get the Vietnam 1984 and it says I need a clean separate install, I was wondering how you do that. I checked the KB but either I wasn't paying attention or I'm just slow on these things.
  12. So I've been adding stuff to WOV mainly modern fighters, weapons, etc. But for campaigns I've left them stock. I was wondering what some good add on WOV campaigns there are, especially ones that add modern aircraft.
  13. In WOV I see parked MIG's all the time, just before I strafe them. And I've seen friendly Aircraft Parked back at Base
  14. GAH I'M FREAKING OUT NOW. But it would be helpful to know what time zone it was down at
  15. Adding enemy AI Aircraft in WOV

    Thanks, I guess I should've thought about it and searched before making a new topic.

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