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  1. My goodness! Those Marine Phantoms bring me back to my days in the Corps. I worked on both

    those Death Rattler Phantoms, while they were in my squadron, and rode Gib on 151477 on a

    maintenence check flight. During the South East Asia War Games the a/c were never that clean,

    but stateside during a missle shoot the a/c would have looked this good. Excellent job on all

    the shots, from an old guy who remembers when those Scooters and Rhinos were the top of the

    line, and keep up the excellent work. Thanks, Gustav!

  2. What a nice job on the P-63 skins. I fly a bit multiplayer, and use the P-63 quite a bit when I do. The Navy skin is really nicely done, and between your Navy skin and the pinball skin, I attract a lot of attention, and get shot down with amazing frequency. Someday I will figure out how to get it done properly, and give some people a run for their money. Anyways, great job on these skins.


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