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  1. Official Site: http://www.ikariam.org/ Ikariam is an online multiplayer empire building game based on ancient Greece that reminds me a lot of Civilization or Age of Empires – except that you can play it in your web browser for free and you don't have to download any software to your computer. GRAPHICS: 8/10 The graphics for Ikariam are pretty good. Everything has the 3D feel to it. The colors used just seem ancient and classical. As you upgrade the town, the images become better as well. In the world map, you can see dolphins swimming around every now and then. They could have made use of that in more places to give it a more life-like feeling. SOUND: 0/10 No sounds or music whatsoever. GAME PLAY: 10/10 Despite its instant familiarities with Civilization, the gameplay is actually quite different, but don't be too quick to give up hope. Where Ikariam is different than Civilization is also why Ikariam is such a fun game. Some key differences include: This game is time based, not turn based. You won't ever get to different eras of technology. You'll primarily be hanging out with Caesar and crew in this game. The entire world is divided up into hundreds of islands with a specific amount of space available on each for newcomers and colonies. REPLAY VALUE: 8/10 The games replayability lies mostly in the fact that you get to make colonies. In this way, you get to go through all that work you did the first time all over again, but it still counts for the same empire. There is no actual "winning" the game. It is all about getting to the top and staying at the top. That is what will keep you coming, if you enjoy games like that.
  2. Gumpert Apollo for GTR2!

    The graphics looks awesome.

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