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  1. HI eburger68. I am installing this update tonight and have the question about the 2 parts that the readme states I need both SF2V_AG-XP_v2_Sept14_pt1.7z and SFV_AG-XP_V2_SEPT14_pt2.7z, But I can only find PT1. I have looked through these pages with no luck. could you or anyone PLEASE point me in the right direction. thanks. BTW you do very good work. outrider.
  2. Hi. Can anyone tell me where I can find external fuel tanks for an F-86 in SFP-1 with the Oct2008 patch? Thanks!
  3. CH Fighterstick/Pro Throttle

    Great artical Ruggbutt. I was looking at Logitech but now I will go with CH. btw Awsome cockpit.
  4. I have wrench's F4U Trying to find the MF F4U-7 that the read me states I need. Guess I'll take Wrench's advice and wait for the newSF2 version of KAW. Thank's everyone.
  5. Hello. I don't find the MF F4U-7 anywhere., no link for aircraft at Column 5. don't see it here and Checksix I don't understand. Thanks!
  6. Ok I will try that. Thank's for your time and the heads up for KAW for SF2. I appreciate all your help.
  7. Thanks hgbn,but when I try the link all I get is page not found for patch 3.2. I can get 3.1 but not 3.2 can I use a different patch?
  8. Hi Everyone. I don,t have a working link for the SP3 download. I tried CA & TW both. Also what weapons pack do I download? thanks!
  9. Hi Everyone. I just installed this terrain and new to extracting files,modding,and what not,and don't understand how to extract the files from the Germany CE terrain and install them into this terrain. Is there anywhere in the KB that I may find this info? Also I can not find any aircraft data files to change engine sounds, pilots,etc. in MY Docs /Thirdwire/SF2/Objects/Aircraft. All I see is config for LOD and Texture. Thanks for all your help!!

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