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  1. Shin, G.Y over at Relic HW2 forums probably wouldn't mind if you asked her. Leon, sorry to bump this, but I wanted to ask your status. Also the above model I mentioned could br used for a comparison or guideline if you needed it, despite it probably being vastly lower poly then your WIP. IIRC it's around 1200 l8tr!
  2. Just wanted to say hang in there! Also, do you happen you think a Basara (Kai Fire) texture version might be in the future?
  3. Shin, because BTRL cannot have any atmospheric physics... (at least at this time) There were 2-3 mods supposedly working on that over the last few years but they fell apart. That means I can't implement the ground forces I had planned for Robotech. FS2 is a space arcade shooter for stress relief. :) We can "fake" a lot of things, but it would still be in arcade/space mode (no real gravity) see? http://i22.photobucket.com/albums/b321/Sta...on/Skytest1.jpg BTRL was the first FS2 mod however to use a half-Newtonian space physics model so it was as close to a simm as Fs2 gets.
  4. Darn, I came across this by accident and registered soon as I saw the first pics in the thread! Awesome work... Grinch is probably busy with FAA stuff. Anyway I'm looking for more Macross type meshes and was hoping once finished it might be possible to secure usage of the vf-19 mesh? Even though I'm the Dev of the Robotech Mod II project, I also write a crossover fanfic and use many of the Genre's series... (RT/MaII/M7). For that effort I use the FS2 engine (FRED) to set up situations and take a screenshots for main events that happen in major chapters. One of the shots I have planned is for Basara to fly through Galactica and of course that will be the moment when Tigh screams "The Music's in the Fraking ship!!!" :) In case you didn't know, once the source code got released the SCP began and can now allow medium poly (up to 60kish) models for main ships and HTL lighting. Enviromental, glow and shine mapping and soon bump mapping. IF you tried any of the babylon 5 mods you have a good idea of what the new capabilities are, the newest mod BSG: Beyond the Red line Demo blew away people at Sci-fi.com. It's still limited, but it's nothing like any game 10+ years old! I hope Grinch doesn't mind, but I'd like to link a few pics. I'm trying to get "Sound force" together so if he has a vf-17 (Ray) I'd kill for it! :) Here is a good example of what the new tweaked engine is capable of and why MACROSS would look so good in it: Yes these are all cap ships(30 per side?) between 5k and 12k and no fighters going all out, that's why he has 8FPS!!! Cause he literally had the Dominion war battle on his comp! Super VF1j's in all 3 modes Atmo/ground model test: Apologies if these were unwarrented. IF a possible exchange could be possible, that would be great! ATM I have some rather low poly vf-19's/2k (including Excal-S) and a decent vf-11/3k Oh and I am not a modeler, just a voice actor and project leader. I sometimes just get lucky when I can get resources people let me use...

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