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  1. Outstanding! The "Station Wagon" is great fun! Gotta love those folding wings. Great work!! :D :D :D
  2. Lud, Gimme dat air-e-o-plane raht now! We can wait until the patch for the Scandanavian Death Stall. It's is going t be great! Capt Zorro
  3. Fates, Love Pima - great place! Many years ago my daughter (then 6, now 31) and I were vollunteers there. We took the F-104D (to the left of the Thud in your pic) out of mothballs - removed all the Spraylat and preservative and got it ready for display. Sorry for othe OT. Capt Zorro
  4. Gramps, Terrific!! I came across that scheme looking at a decal sheet at a local hobby shop - thought it would be great for SFP1. Now you give it to us on a plate! Great work, we owe you! Capt Zorro
  5. Super Draken!! Can't wait to fly it! In addition to the Finns, Denmark used it as well with a gloss O.D. overall finish. For that version, SAAB added a couple of extra pylons / hardpoints = multi-role capability. Great work!! Capt Zorro P.S. I had a model of it as well - Lindberg did it in @ 1/48 scale. 1/72 scale was covered by Revell, Airfix, and Heller. Think there is a 1/44 scale available curently. Prpbabel missed a couple.
  6. D.O., That F-5 is terrific. You're killin' us! Can't wait to fly it. Great work! Capt Zorro
  7. For zooming tips on the Fitter, go to SIMHQ, Strikefighters, and search on "Easter Egg" or "Fitter". There is a thread on how to change the Fitter's zoomability.
  8. Gents, Very useful enhancements for the community! Great work. Thanks, Capt Zorro

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