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  1. Ok thanks. That leads me to another question. Is there some sort of guide that I can follow that will show the progression of service aircraft from one to the next. From what you have said I may miss out on some things if I chose the wrong service. If I chose Air Force for example. Will I miss out on the carriers?
  2. I did a little searching about this but came up virtually empty. I wish to know which Third Wire Campaigns utilize carriers. That is which ones actually allow the player to take off and land in missions? It is my understanding there is a carrier included in WOV correct? In addition to that, I wish to know which AddOn campaigns utilize carriers. Also I don't fully understand how aircraft are selected inside the campaign environment. Do campaigns allow the player to fly more than one type of aircraft? If so is it picked randomly by the campaign or can the player chose? Essentially I would like to know how campaigns work for both player aircraft and how it selects missions. NOTE: I know th KB has a tutorial for adding carriers but that is not what I am looking for. Well at least not yet anyway. Thanks in advance.
  3. Thats really cool. Wish I could find more missions with that many AAA.
  4. Well I have never used yankeeairpirate so that rules that out. I know it was the stock Rolling Thunder campaign. I always play on hard. So trying to lock them would have been impossible. Now they are gone so it's truly impossible. As for them being AAA there would have been quite a lot of them. I am talking 20+ placed randomly in the jungle along my route. They were also quite inaccurate. I was flying at less than 200 feet and saw no object to which I could say the tracers were coming from. However more than one of you claim there are no infantry so I must agree. What else could it be? Strangely why have I not encountered such an occurrence in any other mission?
  5. I was playing WOV about a week ago. I decided to try the first campaign with the Thunderchief. I like to fly low and fast and I noticed that there were a great many random tracer bursts shooting up from the jungle. I usually play Single Mission I had never seen random shooting before. I assumed it was infantry because there were no objects on the ground where the shots would come from. I was definitely flying low enough to have seen something if it was there. I have decided to go back to the campaign but now every mission I fly there are no random bursts coming from the jungle. What conditions must be met to get those infantry back? I know I was not hallucinating because those shots were there for a great many miles of those missions. Please tell me I was not seeing things.
  6. Well now that many have had a chance to try the new model. Are there any comments on how it feels and how it might be improved?
  7. In my previous thread I posted a method to mod the existing Cobra's Flight Model to act a bit more realistically. Here is a totally new approach to that idea. What I did was remove all the aircrafts wings and control surfaces. I then added the multi nozzle control system of the harrier in jump mode. The result was a surprisingly realistic helicopter control scheme. The original author gave me permission to share the new modded flight model. You can get it from his webpage/forums here: http://cplengineeringllc_bb.cplengineering...topic.php?t=300 (Registration Required) You may find that the new cobra is very twitchy at low speed. This was done to maintain control at Max speed. You can adjust the sensitivity of the controls by adjusting each individual nozzle's thrust strength. Simply open the data.ini and scroll down to the engines. Look for the nozzles labeled RCSPitchU, RCSPitchD, RCSRollR, ect. simply adjust them to your liking. I hope you have fun with this new Flight Model. I know I am. NOTE: If anyone is feeling adventurous. Applying this system to other helos is fairly simple. It took me only 10min to apply it to the Bell Model 47D. If you need some pointers I may be able to help.
  8. Ahh. I will look for it but I am pretty sure I did not touch it. I only edited the physical control surfaces and engines but just that might have done it. Do you remember exactly what the fix was? As in what values were edited? As for the rocket thing. The stock A-10A does the crazy sideways shooting too if you side slip enough. I guess it's a game thing. Anybody got a fix for it?
  9. The helos are the latest release. What fix are you referring to? Rockets, Rotor, Pitching what? If it is rockets I may have broken something. I did heavily mod the data.ini.
  10. Very true but looking at it and understanding what he did is far beyond me right know. I tried. I have also flown those helis and to be honest there are quite unstable inside the Falklands Mod. They won't fly straight no matter what. Always pitching Up and Down and Up and Down. Drives me crazy! No heli sim I have ever flown ever acted like those helis. I copied the A109-A into WOE and it actually flew just like my implementation. They must have done something in the Falklands Mod to make it more unstable in an efort to make it realistic. I think it is TOO unstable. As for the AI with my model. They seem to function ok once in the air. You can't tell my AI helis to take off because they pull back WAY TOO HARD, smack the tail and go BOOM! What I am experimenting with can probably be applied to any of the older helis with minimal effort because I understand how my implementation works. If Kreelin wanted to port his flight model to other helis, that would be cool. Unfortunately I don't see that happening. On a completely unrelated side note. With my new found maneuverability the physics engine in WOE is showing some abnormalities. Rockets seem only to soot in the direction the aircraft is actually traveling. With a heli you can achieve all kinds of CRAZY slip angles. Unfortunately the rockets don't go where the aircraft is facing. They go where the aircraft is actualy heading. It is quite odd to see a rocket launch to a 45 degree angle off your nose. Guns and grenades are unaffected but hitting things with rockets is now very difficult! Perhaps there is a fix for this? Anybody?
  11. Quick update. I must have broken something somewhere in my typing/editing. I just copy pasted [Engine3] over from the original and edited PropDiameter=6.1. The main rotor works again. My Bad! You were right Stormtrooper. Thanks
  12. Stormtrooper's fix here http://forum.combatace.com/index.php?showtopic=32516&hl does not fix the rotor for me. As I said before, the rotor works IF AND ONLY IF the mission starts in the air but NOT if started from the runway. Starting in the air with default "PropDiameter=13.245" works just fine. The edit PropDiameter=6.1 does not work for me on the ground. Please does anyone else know a different solution? I got the OK to share the Flight Model. When we get the details worked out (and the main rotor working) it will be available on the creators websight here: http://cplengineeringllc.com/SFP1/ Sorry but you just have to wait. I know. I know. I HATE WAITING TOO!!! I could share now with an attached zip but I will do the right thing an go through the original creators websight.
  13. The AI can not take off from the ground (usually crash) however they can support you if the mission is started in the air. I just tested a few missions and they did shoot and destroy targets.
  14. As promised here is a quick video. The new flight model is simply amazing! I have asked permission to post it. Now I must wait for a response. What I have learned is probably applicable to any heli. It is just a matter of tweaking each model to fly like its real life counterpart. That is a job better suited to someone else. Anyway, here is hoping he gives the OK.
  15. Yes Rambler you read right. All you need to do is edit the ".INI" to use the same AXIS for both Vectoring and Pitch. A great tip for the F-22 but read my big red text. I have come up with a completely different scheme that works FANTASTIC for helis! I am making a quick video now. On a related side note. I can not get the main rotor blades to visually turn. I have read you just need to edit the "PropDiameter" to equal "6.1" but that doesn't work for me. The blades turn if I start a mission in the air but if I start from the runway they won't turn. Any ideas?

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