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  1. 1.I'm looking for Piper-Cub for WOI/SFP1 2.I'm looking for weaponpak with ALL Weapon (from the first weapon who attach to a plane until today)
  2. Can i make my defualt weapons on each plane after making missions from MFD, LeMissioneur and any mission editor? and how i can do that thing?
  3. Thank you!! you answer worked for all aircrafts without roundels!
  4. In some planes in WOI like syrian texan and meteor ,i can't see their roundels can i fix it?
  5. Lebanese Air Force Aircrafts Hawker Hunter: Open the HUNTERF70_DATA.ini in C:\Program Files\ThirdWire\Wings Over Israel\Objects\Aircraft\HunterF70 and in Service End Year write 2020 or later till this plane will really retire from the service Mig-29 Fulcrum: First you must download MIG-29A from this link: http://forum.combatace.com/index.php?autoc...mp;showfile=739 and it's cockpit: http://forum.combatace.com/index.php?autoc...p;showfile=6182 if you made a Syrian Air Focre skin for MIG-29 from this topic: http://forum.combatace.com/index.php?showtopic=26101 please copy your syrian skin and paste it, and change it's name of the skin's folder to "FALCamo1" for eaxmple and in TextureSet.ini , change to those words: [TextureSet] Name=Lebanese Air Force Nation=LEBANON Specular=0.100000 Glossiness=0.100000 Reflection=0.100000 and save it. Have Fun
  6. Mig-29's for Lebanon

    I posted the funcional pictures of Lebanese Air Force Mig-29 from ThirdWire Wings Over Israel:
  7. .XFR Question

    please answer to my question
  8. .XFR Question

    Do you know what's mean .XFR (i found this 3d filetype in Jane's IAF)? Can i open and covert the .XFR file to .3ds and .x?
  9. Thanks you about the softwares, but can you bring a tutorial to how i crate my own cockpit to my plane
  10. Do you know how i create my own cockpit for SFP1/WOI?
  11. There is my WOI (Wings Over Israel) server to Hamachi if you want to play WOI Online: Username: Tigershark2008 Password: novemberchill
  12. I need the links of those planes in newest versions: Mustangs, Beaus, Mossies, S-199, EAF/IDF Spitfires to WOI TMF weaponpack
  13. WOI Mod?

    So what is the name of WOI mod?
  14. If Wings Over Vietnam has Yankee Air Pirate mod and Wings Over Europe has Nato Fighters mod, do you know if Wings Over Israel will have it's own mod?
  15. Do you know what is the best and newest B-52 download file for SFP1?

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