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  1. how can i get this into WOE
  2. well i just reinstalled my WOE wit the oct patch + NF1 and NF2 my rudder seems to give me trouble in every plane. As i press the "," or "." key to change the heading of my aircraft , it changes only till i have kept the key pressed as soon as i release the key the heading is back to what it was initially. this is causing me many problems during landing and during ground attacks. I remember that when i first installed the game, i did have this problem but then it got fixed by itself. Now i have reinstalled it 3 times and in the correct order still its giving me problems. help me out!
  3. @ MiGbuster yes it was! everything was in order! now wat do i do?
  4. i just installed nato fighters 3. but when i started the game i was shocked to see that all the weapons in the loadout of all the aircrafts had vanished!. how do i get them back? .i do not want to reinstall the game. is there any other way i could get them back.
  5. VF-84 CMF Recruiting

    joe here count me in

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