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  1. No its 13 days late......... Seriously, I'm glad that there is another video (finally) to wet my appetite. It's looking good
  2. I don't know why people say the F-14 is better than the super hornet. Sure as a dedicated fleet defence fighter it reigned surpreem. (so I guess in a sense it is better.) However that was about all it excelled at. A squadron of Tomcats is a waste of space. On the other hand the Super hornet excells at a wide range of roles and gives you much better value and hence is the better fighter.
  3. Looks like they skiped the video another week, and I was lookign forward to it. Or is it somewhere other than the lock on english site?
  4. Are there any lomac squadrons online, I have looked but ca't find any.
  5. so, is there any more news on the demo?
  6. Firstly I just found the LOMAC site, I was lamenting the fact that Flight simulation was dead, and then, Eureka! I absolutely can't wait for this game to come out. Realistically I think that the F/A18 E/F and the S-37 or perhaps Mig 1.41 should be the next ones to come out, as the represent the most modern fighters from each side. Someone did make the point that more flight models means less quality. I would not like to see the quality of the sim degrades by quantity of planes. I would rather pay more fore more planes, but most other people probably wouldn't so I can't see massive numbers of planes being developed. Perhaps they could relase the F-15E with the S-34 under the rule of thumb that all planes must have counterparts.

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