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  1. i downloaded the game yesterday after pre-ordring it on www.orange.fr then via steam! Il-2 cliffsof Dover: I can say that I’m extremely disappointed with the game! I have all Thirdwireversions, previous Il-2 games, Rise of Flight and Locked –On. With someresolution modification all these games seem to work very well..even rise of flight! The new Il-2cliffs of Dover, even on medium settings will not work! On lowest setting it isflyable. The graphics look poor and I have noticed so many bad areas on groundlevel. I cannot play this game. It’s slow and tedious. I cannot play or enjoythis game in any way. I want my money back. I’m not a computer person. Mygraphics card works very well with all my other games! Do not buy this game! Saveyourself 49 Euro! AMD Athlon 64x dual core/Nividea Geforce GTS 250/samsung syncmaster P2770.

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