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  1. Hey guys, I've been out of the loop for a while, but I just got SFP1 back up, and was getting back in gear, but I cant find the Harm missle or the boat models, anyone know where I could grab those?
  2. dont know sound card, should be just be a basic unit, not sure how much ram, 128 mb sounds right though...
  3. only the patch, nothing else
  4. Hey guys, I have had sfp1 for quite some time now, just about as long as it has been out. I bought a new computer 3 wks ago and now I cant get it to run, every time I try and fly instead of going to the loading screen I get a black screen, it will flash a few times and then boot me to the desktop. I am running a 2.2 gig celeron with XP and a G-force FX 5200 any ideas?
  5. I dont know if you ment to or not, but that ground looks almost EXACTLY like my Alaska, perfect artic rendition, I look forward to this very much, can finaly fly terrain that feels right to me.
  6. ohh, the lightning, we need the lightning....
  7. is it just me, or do the inlets look alittle big on the SFP1 version? if you look at the picture they dont seem to stick out as far as they do ingame
  8. never used it, but if the only changes are with colors and lights, hell yes i think its a great set up
  9. I use the X35 and love it, so many buttons, so few functions
  10. Hey all, Was thinking about the Kitchen and Harpoon, Exot, and all those other anti ship missles, and I was wondering, would it be possible to add radar to the ships, and use a re skin of the Harm/ARM missle as the base of the anti ship missle, that away you could "lock" the missle on target and fire it with a decent chance of a hit unlike the un guided kitchen we have now. Any problems with this? if we could, how would we go about doing it anyone know? DP
  11. I had the same problem with the SU, and migs, at 73k it nosed up, and rolled onto its back, and began a series of barrel rolles, recovered at 64, and tried again, with same results, f-104 made it to 110k before I got bored and quit.
  12. hey it works, thanks alot
  13. Hey gang, I was wondering, I have seen my flight hit targets, but they only engage when I am smoking debris on the ground, in the air, or limping away with my tail kicked up between my teeth. Does anyone know how to command the wingmen? thanks.

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