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  1. Wings over Korea (1 of 3)

    Hello, this is a great mod but I have a question about the duration of the campaign flown as Soviet pilot. I tried it out two times allready and every time it stops after ten missions. These are the following mission results: Success Mission score 2400 Success Mission score 2200 Success Mission score 1400 Success Mission score 2400 Outstanding success Mission score 2300 Success Mission score 2400 Success Mission score 1100 Outstanding success Mission score 1100 (weird?) Outstanding success Mission score 2300 Outstanding success Mission score 2200 End of campaign - cease fire, peace talks. Is it normal the campaign stops that early? Thanks
  2. Thanks cocas. Am I wrong to assume there are only three IDF medals to get? If so: trying harder we must!
  3. May be a silly question: how many medals can be earned in SF2 Israel? Is the amount of campaigns you fly influential on the rate of medals you can earn? Can anyone help me out with this? Greetings, Jenato
  4. True VPAF part.1 (base files)

    Paulopanz, magnificent campaign! Very thrilling! Question: is it possible to earn Vietnamese awards or medals when successful?
  5. This is haunting indeed. It is a masterpiece! Without any doubt. You can not immagine how it feels to hear this, living in Flanders as I do, where it all happened! I live about 15 miles from the place where Guynemer dissapeared and Werner Voss flew into the Frezenberg! Mr Milne has catched the spirit of what happened in this composition. I allready found a site, thanks to your info, where I had the opportunity to listen to the full version. It gives me goose bumps. Greetings, Jenato
  6. Hello, can any one tell me the title of the soundtrack used in OFF Heaven and Hell release movie 11? From a movie, series...? Thanks
  7. Can anyone tell me where to find a mod that enables enemy and friendly aircraft to fly and fight in the vertical? Thanks.

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