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  1. Hi guys, anybody having ideas? Message at Thirdwire's just putting link as I'm too lazy to reproduce the entire message:unsure:
  2. Check six avec un K hihihi on est tous les deux à la masse semble-t-il Joyeux Noel Merry Xmas to you all
  3. Yes, beta testers are a must... but hell, we've been through such issues earlier, and quite rapidly, TK fixed them all, so I don't worry much, I will wait a bit then apply D patch when out
  4. very nice!! that's a must have for sure!
  5. >Wrench by the way, why did you choose a Mirage IIIC as basis for this work? The O version was basically an E without the externally visible Doppler antenna (altough it was built but was flush with underfuselage) good reference, plane per plane :http://www.adf-serials.com/3a3.shtml
  6. Still loading....not yet 07.00 AM!!
  7. If we go for this model, I will add that one on the "to do" skins list. At this point, the model we work on is the one with refueling probe, which limits my choice of skins..
  8. that scheme is very very nice!
  9. I've seen this with other planes using that method where is the fake pilot LOD supposed to be stored?
  10. Oki si mes souvenirs sont bons, les skins du Jag' RAF sont de Sundowner.. l'inclusion de certains mods TMF dans d'autres packs ne donne pas automatiquement le droit de les réutiliser Mais en règle générale, si demandée, l'autorisation est donnée, c'est juste une façon de savoir ce qui leur arrive ;-)
  11. Yes, it's still part of our WIP's, no date. The F-1C is also probably from us, no? all those planes are in fact WIP. Some new models, never released, others, older models, upgraded and ported to SF2 series As far as I remember, TMF as such didn't sign any licensing agreement.
  12. I can add KLU units to my work, they didn't have specific schemes, so it will only be some more markings, no big deal I think. BAF will be shown with three schemes, natural metal, like about all other users, NATO scheme (common with KLu) and SEA which was not so common (Greece and some USAF ANG untis had it ) Two airbases have been seen flying the F-84F in Belgium, the 2 Tac Wing at Florennes with 1, 2 and 3 squadron, plus Kleine Brogel's 10 FBW with 23, 27 and 31 squadrons. Of all those units, only the 1st and 31st squadrons are still alive, at their respective base, flying F-16 A MLU. some progress
  13. OKI, au passage on a une biblio aussi!!
  14. the final skin for this pack is cooking some WIP
  15. Italy and Germany used the MB seats, most other users (if not all, unles those that got ex german/italian ones) kept the original C2 model
  16. You can add me to the list of skinners involved, Ludo made very good templates which I will use to make several Belgian air force skins, in all three main schemes...
  17. Been using Nvidia for years lately swtiched to ATI HD5850... it is better...it even make bugs dissapear from projects I work on....(some stuff was visible at close range, which shouldn't be, now it's perfect)
  18. "Warriors" is really a MUST read!! read it many times, makes one love the F-20 for sure! Strike fighters is the sim to replicate aerial combat as depicted in this book
  19. RF-4E

    Most impressive !!! this looks like the ultimate cockpit for Strike Fighters, a new level has been reached!
  20. nope remember, it's a block 15 A model, not that many countries used them. I chose it because it had a less classical scheme, it seems that country later reverted to the USAF style scheme

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