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  1. HI Here again... would love to rock n roll... But I tried to run WOE patched Oct 08 under windows 10.... Totally unplayable...runs like 4 fps...sometimes 6, most of the time 3..... Any idea what should be modified? I already set it in compatibility mode (latest XP iteration)
  2. Dassault Mirage IVP

    Merci pour Olivier :-)
  3. Very nice, especially the camo from Belgonium!
  4. Ne sont-ce pas là mes très vieilles skins?
  5. Manoeuvre au sol

    Quand on aime les avions....on les abime pas!
  6. Blagues aéronautiques

    Pourquoi les hélicos volent? --> ils sont si moches que la terre les repoussent!! ;-)
  7. Accident de Courtrai, le 4 juillet 1989

    Je bossais ce jour là mais nos avions n'ont pas été "scramblé"...les F-15 de Bitburg étaient déjà sur le coups...
  8. Probably ex F-5As left over from the South VietNam Air Force I guess
  9. what about a "vikings" demo team skin? This could be seen in european airshows in the mid 80's...
  10. Its got a name...

    > JonathanRL this ain't an Intruder...it's the 4 seat derivative, the EA-6B Prowler well, terrain might be poor in this new game, North Atlantic...water, water, water...and Iceland.
  11. in the DLC file, stored in the DLC folder of the main game
  12. It's not a Mirage Factory pack The Mirage Factory doesn't exist anymore, this excellent using Mirage Factory stuff as basis, but it's a complete rework, very far from the original, very extensive rework.
  13. very nice stuff, really worth doing

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