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  1. although not PAF, you might find this one nice too ;-)
  2. just a remark, the Netz as found in the game has the block 10 layout, and Pakistani's vipers are block 15, with rather different horizontal stabilizers... I have a ready skin for our Mirage Factory model if it suits you. Otherwise, if templates are available, I can go for a quick skin for the stock plane.
  3. nice, but scale is not right look at the plane and the white and yellow lines.... looks like a model kit on a real apron ;-)
  4. nice job, try to cast a light shadow, it will increase realism
  5. remind me the hangar screens Oliver did for TMF productions
  6. Thx for the reply, I missed that release....will install right away!
  7. what about the less known Mig-21 SMT or Fishbed K? very few were built and used, but it has some special look I like very hard to get real pictures of it. It was the model with the large humpback, very big one, coming deeper down the fuselage as can be seen here yet better a nice pic:
  8. very good work, labor of love!
  9. a C-47, this will bring many skins... already collecting data
  10. El AL skin is provided, I know for sure ;-)
  11. in the plane's folder you have LOD files?
  12. nope, you also need to edit each game main ini file (located along the main exe, in the installation folder) there is an [options] section with a single line describing the path to the options.ini file.... then it's OK
  13. WOE 1964

    No Belgian units in this project?
  14. to know what to extract, look in the data.ini file from the plane you want your pilot to sit in then, either, you only want this new repaint to be avbl(and somehow loose the stock pilot (not exactly correct..), and then, extract the lod and bmp and save them in the aircraft folder (the folder named aircraft, not the one you chose) then, repaint hte bmp as desired exemple: using the A-6A_data.ini file [Pilot] SystemType=PILOT_COCKPIT PilotModelName=PilotN1 Position=-0.35,1.15,0.85 SeatModelName=seat_f-4 SeatPosition=-0.35,1.15,0.48 MinExtentPosition=-0.85, 0.49,-0.35 MaxExtentPosition= 0.00, 1.81, 0.91 CanopyNodeName=Canopy this can be found in "crew" section, PilotN1.LOD, PilotN1.BMP would be the files you need to extract and store in "aircraft" folder now, if you want your skin to be considered as an extra set, some more work is required to duplicate/mod an existing pilot
  15. you should put it in the aircraft folder from the mod folder, not from the main game
  16. I do it yet another way (well, it could help) First, I edit the main ini file (e.g. StrikeFighters2 Israel.ini) I adapt the [options] section as follows: OptionsFile=E:\Documents\ThirdWire\StrikeFighters2 Israel\Options.ini then I edit that options.ini file to enable mods and define their location: [Mods] ModsEnabled=TRUE Directory=E:\Documents\ThirdWire\StrikeFighters2 Israel\ this way, all mods and their main link are separated from my system drive and from the game installation folder, to be safe and easy to backup when required
  17. this is the Vista/Seven setup
  18. Reread other novels from this author lately... Need to buy a new exemplar of "the warbirds"...I remember it was a wonderfull book, with quite detailled description of the F-4 scheme....
  19. as previous messages here showed, the path (location) is in relation with your own name and the system, XP and Vista/7 don't share a common location unless you do modify this via the options.ini file
  20. very good the best what if up to now I'd say
  21. Très impressionnant, very impressive
  22. Indeed extra sensors are available in both versions TMF has ideas......but time is an issue, as usual
  23. Like Gunrunner.. Canuck CF100 mk5, so I can put nice colors on it and a map from Belgium to Central Africa, to replay Mission Simba!

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