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  1. I´ve found the harrier very erratic too... its left wing dropping very easily all the time
  2. Fire the wingman! He came out from the MCDonald´s Academy! :pioneer:
  3. Luiz, To be true, I installed over a well played WOV installation after adding this last released patch. The problem is that I can´t lock targets even having radar, or by asking by radio, using the R key. It´s harder when the target is located over the terrain.
  4. I want to ask: Is there any possibility to lock targets (I mean by the box) because I can´t get my wingman attack my target. Nothing seems to work to make him shoot anything. He only flies by my side.
  5. I´ve been flying some missions and campaigns from the argentine side and I have to say that I discovered that is difficult to view another plane over the water and to fire. Also, from an historical point of view, argentines bombs were retarded to avoid the explosion from the planes, since they use to release them from no more than 10m above. Is it possible to modify the bomb to make an explosion some 10 seconds after impact?
  6. It worked! I really don´t know how.. Well, the first issue that I found and matters to me is the water looking weird (black spots) at the distance. Cheers, Javier
  7. Well... Now the weapons editor works by following your instructions (running with "cmd"), but the sim refuses to start with the new weapondata.dat file that it creates. If I delete this file, the sim starts. What should I do next? Cheers, Javier
  8. Nothing works! I tried both editors (pre-sept and after-sept2008) and configured to win95 and win98 compatibility and they crash as fast as I push the "open" button. I can´t figure why it´s working for you and isn´t for me. Perhaps my Spanish Windows? Cheers, Javier
  9. The weapons editor crashes as I try to open or import. the 2004 editor works the same I can´t go to war without weapons...
  10. Can you give me a link to that weapons editor? I downloaded one from BUFF that is not working properly. TIA Javier
  11. It worked to me, except that I can´t see any weapons. Can you help?
  12. Hi, I installed over an already well used WOV installation updated with the last patch from 09/2008. Everything worked except that I can´t load any weapons on every plane. What´s wrong? I´m not too much amused to mods, so I need your help. Cheers, Javier
  13. Favorite Falkand's War Aircraft

    I always liked the A-4. undoubtely, the most vintage at that time (I will not talk about the canberra...), since it was projected by Ed Heinemann in the `52, a design with 30 years on its spine at 1982 and still flying, was the most undefended too, but, the "scooter" accomplished well and was loyal. this sim will be a good tribute to all those designers like heinemann, dassault, etc. I just can`t wait to have a demo roaring here! good job! sigan laburando asì!

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