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  1. I am, though I've been glued to ROF lately. But I do have and enjoy OFF as well. Both sims have their merits and I'm happy to support both. We're fortunate to have two excellent WWI sims that offer different approaches. I've never seen it as a zero sum game.
  2. I'm eagerly awaiting OFF 4, but I also very much enjoy ROF. With the new update, it's really an exceptional sim. Any irritating people I encounter along the way I just ignore.
  3. RB remains one of the greatest games of all time - equal parts flight sim and RPG. I was strictly a consumer of the fine works of Rabu, Cptroyce and others and generally remember the Delphi forums with fondness. (Rabu: I have your terrain disks in my collection still.) Yes, the discussion got a bit heated and even bizarre at times, but I've found that the Web tends to magnify people's eccentricities. Best just to ignore them and focus on the common interest.
  4. One Nvidia Control Panel tweak seems to make a big difference for me: Texture Filtering Quality- High Performance I always used "Quality" before but tried "High Performance" after reading this thread. Almost completely eliminated the stutters for me.
  5. Haven't noticed any problem here. My deads are almost always dead. You're probably just seeing a string of good luck.
  6. Nose dives

    I've been getting the same thing in QC. Auto Mixture On @ 10,000 feet. Maybe one in fours times, QC begins with my plane in a steep dive or even upside down. Happened occasionally in the past, but seems worse with 1.30.
  7. I shot down a guy in QC once and watched while he landed, bounced, and rolled into an open hangar, which exploded in a nice fireball.
  8. If you find yourself grounded from OFF for whatever reason (I'm currently on the road, for instance), but still want a WWI aerial combat fix, you might try Wings Over France. It's a PC version of an old board game and recreates Bloody April from the perspective of an RFC squadron commander. You manage your crews, assign patrols, and "fly" the various missions from a 2D perspective. It's a very simple, but very interesting recreation of the WWI air war. Link to the game is here. Link to a nice description and review posted on the Aerodrome forum is here. May be old news to many of you, but I'm enjoying it while waiting to get back in the air.
  9. Thumbs up on the new patch. I really like the DM changes.
  10. off phase 3 theme

    The first thing I invariably do with a new game is turn off the music. Not so here. This is brilliant work!
  11. I just bought TrackIR a couple of weeks ago, and it really is one of those things that you wonder how you got by so long without it. It completely changes the environment.
  12. I had this exact situation last night. Our mission was to attack an enemy airfield. The Flight Leader (not me) followed all the waypoints to within 3NM of the target, then suddenly diverted to bust a balloon and strafe some trenches. After about 20 minutes of that, he led us on to the airfield and attacked it. Completely unexpected, but had a very realistic feel to it.
  13. OFF

    Vista 64 here, with no problems.
  14. OFF

    I agree with the previous posts. Two additional points that I thik are somewhat unique to WWI sims. First, combat is up close and personal in OFF. No firing at radar blips. Instead, the enemy is so close you can see the details of his crate. Wonderfully immersive -- especially when you see by his colors that he's a famous ace. Second, if you fly -- and survive -- over the course of the war, you'll fly an incredible variety of aircraft. The early war pushers and monoplanes are a world away from the late war machines. The evolution of the aircraft is one of the most immersive features. Great fun overall.

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