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  1. thats why Operation Flashpoint Resistance Is fun, If you wanna shoot yourself, turn on manual fire, if not, Find a gunner QUICK (Including humans in multiplayer)
  2. Ok, I Recently Re Installed Xp Pro and then I got the sudden urge to play halo, 2 weeks later Im sick with halo again so I thought Id try Lock On. It is By FAR the best and funnest flight sim ive ever played, but the problem is If Im lucky Ill be able to play for 5 to 10 minutes before Blink "Click!" BSOD!!! (No Text Tho.) Or it would restart completely (Similar to an overheat) Except I know the computer is running Tip Top... Ive also been playing a TON of Doom 3 (which we all know is a slow computer's nightmate) and Its ran just fine. Honestly speaking, (and I've seen people talking about this before) I think Its some Kind of Memory Leak. Or Lock On is causing a driver in my system to crash. This has never happened before with any other game... Its really annoying not even being able to Taxi for takeoff without Restarting my computer (In one way or another) So If anyone has any ideas, suggesstions, workarounds,...

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