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  1. Why First Eagles?

    Yeah dudes. EAW for the win Why first eagles? Always up to date, the best AI i have seen so far, Totally moddable, New planes and objects able to be ADDED and not just skinned over other objects, high feedback interactivity with developper, and because it's made by TK, this last argument being sufficient by itself. I think also thirdwire games may be the game with the most enormous community strength and modders community, and there are much people fan of TK since EAW. Where else did you see a developper answering directly to customer questions anyway? These things make thirdwire games look somekind of "never outclassed".
  2. Dude, you must have some config or joystick problems. I fly FE and other wings of, never had any problem at all, FM are good. The game is wonderful BTW, just as TK games in general. I use last patch.

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