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  1. Thanks ruggbutt for clearing that one up.
  2. I see that Black Shark is going to be released in the UK on the 4th April,am I right in thinking this will be another add on to the Lock On series?and will we be able to fly say the F-15C Eagle on the new terrain which will come with Black Shark? Thanks ps Sorry to ask so many questions!
  3. Hi I am in the process of installing Lock On Gold and I have read in certain quarters that the 2nd disc of LOG the Flaming Cliffs addon has this 'Starforce' software in it.Before I add this to my pc,is this really a menace as everyone say's it is and can I do anything to stop it?? Thanks
  4. Thanks for the advice,I'm glad I asked,I'm really getting into this so I want it to be right.
  5. Hi,quite new to Lock On,have recently upgraded to v1.02 and have installed new skins,sounds and other minor mods etc.My question to those in the know is,if I install Flaming Cliffs will this overide my mods I have installed previously on Lock On?Any help would really be appreciated thanks.
  6. Yup....Bought it myself,about a month back and it is a superb read,lot's of historical missions,all the manoevres explained and well written,perfect for the air combat pc simmer.
  7. Thanks verymuch for the tip,somewhere on my pc there was some sort of a registration trace,this was deleted which then enabled the new install,superb,and thanks again.
  8. Thanks for the replies guys,guess you're telling me what I expected to hear,that this gizmo is a brilliant addition to the flight sim kit.
  9. Hi,have recently purchased Lock On again and have tried to install it but my XP system does'nt want to install it.I have in the past had Lock On,on my system and I have ensured there is no trace of the old one still on my pc in any folders.However when I load the disc I get the installation window that comes up with the headings,Uninstall,Play,Register and Quit,not INSTALL.I can only assume there is still something on my pc that still thinks this is installed but there is nothing left,I have checked my program folders to make sure.Has anyone got any idea how I can reinstall Lock On on to my pc.I have tried to uninstall anything that sill maybe on my pc but I get an error messeage when I try to uninstall that states:ERROR LOADING C:\PROGRA~1\COMMON~1\INSTALL~1\PROFES~1\RunTime\0701\Intel32\Ctor.dll.Any help would be really appreciated.Thank You.
  10. Is anybody using Track IR with WOI/WOE/WOV? I'm very interestested in purchasing one and wanted to know if they really are as good as they sound.Any feedback would be really helpful,thanks.
  11. The BEST clouds and weather enviro on this site,superb work
  12. Sorry,did'nt want to sound impatient,but I also don't want to waste time asking for help if that site is now non operative.
  13. Does anybody know what's happening with the FOTF site?..There does'nt seem to be anyone that can help out on the tech side,have they called it a day?
  14. The F-105 Thunderchief's would be a great aircraft to re seat,considering there are so many versions and they all use the same seat.
  15. Love this guy's work,the seats look stunning thanks very much.

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