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  1. Yes, you can land on Ships

    Tried that in EECH.. Cool. :) I have landed on a soccerfield, a factory building, a moving train (but missed) but never on a ship yet in Black Shark.... good to know... :)
  2. Can EECH2 Do this?

    Negative!! Pretty impressing flying!!! An ordinary helo has only positive pitch on rotor blades and ALOT less engine power... Ever heard of wortex rings? That little chopper has not heard of it either.. he he :)
  3. Well, I broke down and bought it

    I am/was a BIG fan of EECH and just loved the realism in that helo and have to say that BS has this too, big time. I love games that have this mush realism and not just a button named "push to fly again" like nothings happend. In the matter of fact am I proud to say that I had over 760 hours of flight in combat in EECH on the same nick without starting over again or gotten killed! That is realism. And that is what I love with a game like this. I love the fidling with knobs and switches and the realistic sound when the engine starts... and stops... :) This sure looks like a great helo... And while I have you here, a happy new year to ya!

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