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  1. OT Anyone play a Musical Instrument?

    I have been playing Guitar for about 30 years, only recently did I start to take it 'serious' to the point of recording songs and started to write some of my own stuff My wife bought me the following equipment for Christmas http://www.zoom.co.jp/english/products/mrs8/ Awesome recording system, complete with Drum and Bass machine http://pro-audio.musiciansfriend.com/produ...ve-4?sku=180071 Great vocal processor, with effects and harmonies http://www.digitech.com/products/Multi-Effects/RP50.php Decent effects pedal
  2. 3D trouble

    Here is what it sounds like to me. When I used to get crashes like this it was ALWAYS for the same reason. too many vertices in the same spot. A quick way to check was to merge vertices.
  3. 3dRealms is shutting down

    As per the topic, though not simulation related, it seems as though 3drealms cow has finally run out of money while trying to develop DukeNukem Forever. I must say, I predicted this about 5 years ago, surprised it took this long. Now for my next prediction. ( I have a buddy of mine who quit working for them 3 years ago becuase of (his words) complete and utter incompetence of management) 3drealms will sell the IP and make a ton of money for the two guys at the top. And the employees who got paid 'very little' in terms of what the average dev makes will lose out. How you ask, well they all had compensation built into their contract for when the game ships.....well folks it ain't being shipped by 3dr. This means that 3dr top guys can sell the IP and all current work to date (according to this guy they are about 95% done). This means someone else will finish it for a couple of million dollars and the guys who poured their heart and soul won't see a dime of extra money they would get if the game had shipped with 3dr.
  4. DCS:BS - Some WIP sneak peaks from ED

    I agree on those points , I guess my concern is that 'waste' of development time on things that the gamer isn't going to see most of the time. Analogy: Spending 6 months of development time on making the end game screen.
  5. DCS:BS - Some WIP sneak peaks from ED

    These shots look very impressive, but I really have to say, unless this type of detail is available from fairly long distances, i.e several hundred metres, what is the point. DCS is not a first person shooter and most times in the A-10 or even the KA50 you are going to be too far away to even notice. IMHO, they would be much better spending their time vastly improving the ground textures.
  6. A very sad week for me (WARNING: RANT AHEAD)

    It appears to me from talking to different people over the last year or so is that this isn't an isolated case , that this stuff is systematic. BTW, just to let you know, this happens to mothers as well. It just depends who gets to court first. If a DAD wants to do this to MOM, he can do it as well. He won't have a womans shelter to help him, but this stuff is easy to find on the net. I have seen over the last year or so after spending time in court with him that there are moms going thru this as well. It would appear to me that the ONLY concern of the court system is "ARE YOU PAYING CS". The womans shelter thing bothers me, because this is just another case of something designed to be wonderfull being totally corrupted by unsavioury people.
  7. WARNING: Rant ahead On Tuesday of this week I had the absolutely devestating experience of finding a good friend of mine who had committed suicide. What made the experience even worse was that he had left his laptop playing a suicide video over and over again. In the video he fully explains why he felt he had no choice but to end his life, or as he called it "End his utter suffering". All of this suffering was caused by the Family Court where we live. About 1 1/2 years ago his wife locked him out of the house. He came home from work to find his clothes on the lawn with a couple of boxes of his stuff and a copy of an order of protection(OOP) stating he could not enter the house. He called the cops to find out she had gotten this OOP and he never knew a thing about it. He called me and asked if I could help him. My wife and I took him in and started the process to see what he could do. After 7 days and about $2000 his lawyer was able to get a transcript of the ex parte (he wasn't there) proceeding that was used to issue the OOP. What he found out (and showed me) was absolutely shocking. Her 'evidence' to get this OOP was that (I am not s**tting you, I read the transcript) , she didn't feel safe because he had raised his voice to her over the last several months. Once she had the OOP he was prevented from contacting her, the kids and everything to do with them. Over the next year or so, he had wages garnished, no contact with kids. At the end he was paying %76.4 of his wages to CS, why so high. Because the judge in his infinte wisdom decided that since he had earned $86,000 5 years ago during boom times, that was the amount of salary he was going to impute to him now. With the downturn in the economy his salary was been greatly reduced after being layed off and getting a new job. But this didn't matter to the family court. After a year he was finally able to get the OOP dismissed as he finally found someone with some sense that said "Raising your voice a couple of times is not a reason to issue an OOP". Did this matter though, not one little bit. By this time everything he owned was gone. She had virtually cleaned out his bank accounts, he hadn't seen his kids for over a year and when he tried to see them, they no longer wanted anything to do with him. I think the biggest hurt for him and perhaps the final straw was when his 6 year old said to him "Daddy, I don't want to see a deadbeat like you that won't pay his child support". For him (and me as well) there is no way these are the words of a 6 year old. This came from the childs mother, but it didn't really matter. In the video he details exactly what happened to him with the court system. Here is a man that by all accounts was a decent loving father who did nothing wrong yet was treated a full criminal without benefit of a trial. At each stage more crap was piled on him. He was ordered to pay all the court costs of both parties (Btw, his wife only earns about $3000 a year less than he did). His kids now need mental professional help and guess who has to pay for that, yup he did. At the end he felt as though his life was over, there was no end in sight. He had a full time (40 hours a week) job and yet had to live with us and had nothing to call his own. He loved his kids and although some people might think this is a cowards way out, in his mind there was no other route to end the suffering he was enduring. What scares me most about this on a personal level is that this could happen to any father. The amount of 'evidence' required to get an OOP is so small as to be laughable and even though he was finally able to get it reversed , the damage was done. He also found out recently from this ex-wifes sister was that she got ALL this advice from a local womans shelter. They actually gave a fully detailed booklet on what to do and what to say, how to say it. the booklet even gave fully written examples of what to put on the OOP application. This was a "How to screw over the father of your children". This booklet even shows how to prevent liable suits by being as vague as possible as to avoid having to prove something happened. After all, who among us hasn't raised their voice in an argument. Her application for the OOP was written exactly word for word from their example. Sorry for the long rant but my god, when is this going to change. When are father finally going to stand up and stop this from happening.
  8. Female Drivers....

    A few years ago when having an 'argument' with my insurance agent about the differences between my rates and those of my wife I was told that it was because men get in more accidents. Since we were sitting next to a computer, I got on the net and did a search for Canadian Stats , turns out SHE was wrong, Women get in more accidents by about 15% BUT men die more and are injured more. Here is the problem. Simply Scenerio Two guys are on the road, one guy is doing 50 kmh over the speed limit and goes thru a red light and hits another car, killing both drivers (who are men). Now here is the problem. The insurance company will add +2 to men drivers, but in reality , is there any or much fault to the person who got hit and is this really fair to count a person who has little to no liability to the count for their gender. In Canada right now, a large number of people are purchasing private health car insurance and everyone seems to be up in arms that women pays ALOT more for private HC insurance yet when you look at HC in canada, women use approx 84 cents out of every HC dollar. There is a move a foot to make it illegal to charge women more for HC but at the same time they want an exception for Car insurance.
  9. Blizzard - World of Warcraft

    A friend of mine gave me a 10 trial key code, so I decided to give it a shot. My wife tried my account and so did my youngest daughter. We all really like the game. So we all went out , got FULL accounts and off we went. Here is the problem, we upgraded the accounts at the same time and with 48 hours, the accounts were finally upgraded or at least the email said they were. Now the snag, 2 of the accounts are in fact full accounts now and they are working fine but the 3rd is still not allowing me to trade (says 'trial accounts can't do that') BUT it is allowing me to do everything else. When it was a 'real' trial account, I could not do a bunch of stuff , so it is kind in between. Now the RANT. Blizzard customer support is useless, they keep telling me that "It is a full account at it should work", I told them "no s**t it SHOULD work, it just doesn't. The real snafu with Blizzard is that everything is done via email, they have no number (that I can find) to talk to a real human being. Anyone have any usefull suggestions.
  10. What could get ugly, If you have permission from the original author , there isn't a problem there. The conversion is 'easy' once you have done it a couple of times at least from FS2004 to SF series. I have done conversions from FS2004 to Farcry, Armed Assault and a few other games.
  11. Yes, it is possible and easy to do as well. As others have said, lots of work needs to be done...but the work is fairly easy if you are used to working with Thirdwire games.
  12. Kind of cool to see people still using the tutorials I created so long ago... I still get emails from folks asking for help.
  13. OK OK

    I saw it and I think we would have to agree to disagree, it would not have been 'funny', imho, it would demean this entire site and I sure don't want that to happen.
  14. Yes, you can land on Ships

    Here is me sitting on the ship after landing..

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