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  1. Thank you Fubar512, a tutorial like this is what i was looking for! And FastCargo thaks too, good explanation! My problem is that i am a beginer (i've been playing for 3 days), and i'm playing in hard (every seting in the game: radar, visual location, physics) and i am lost! I have to use the map in order to find the enemys (and discover their trayectory) because when I contact to the radio they told me the distance and the position of the targets only. And then, I never found them (sometimes, they are higher than me) and I think is very hard finding their tail so as to launch a missile (radar/heat coming). I think i've a lot of things to learn! Anyway, thanks both of you for awnsering my questions!
  2. Yes, but doing that requires lock the enemy in mi plane radar, so if they never appear in my radar (I wouldn`t can lock on de enemy), I won't can launch any active homing missile. Am I wrong?
  3. Thanks! It really helps! In that case, my AMRAAM missiles (or another active radar homing missile) wouldn`t work, Would it? So the best option is launching heat-seeking missiles as Sidewinders or using gun, isn't it?
  4. Hello guys! I'm new in Strike Fighters game and I feel quite lost. First of all, my game is Strike Fighters 1 (Gold version), I downloaded and instaled the last patch (October 2008 I think) and a Missile/Bomb pack (made after 2008). My questions are: 1- If an enemy aircraft doesn't have radar, or if the enemy radar is off, could I detect the fighter on my radar in the Searching Mode? 2- Is There a tutorial about using Anti-Radiatiom Missiles (ARM), AGM Missiles, GBUs and free-fall bombs? Maybe these questions have been already awnsered but I don't know where they are! Thanks!

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