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  1. BF109 G6 /Trop of 6./JG77

  2. ScreenShot Prints is holding it's first screenshot competition and 1st Place will recieve "Wings over Waves" addon by Pluswave. Rules: - All entries must be posted in the Competitions Forum open from Aug. 1st to Sept. 1st and a poll judged by members will last a week, the 3 top entries will be sent to Pluswave for final judging. - One entry per contestant, can be exchanged up until the polling starts. - Editing allowed in this contest but no composites, ie. real photos used or objects, must be what the game provides. - Pacific Fighters only and the theme is "Wings over Waves" and the screenshot should be related to the theme. - Staff members of SSP or Pluswave are prohibited from entering. Participation is absolutely free, you can register anonymously at SSP and if you win, an address will be requested for the prize. Click my sig for the address to ScreenShotPrints.com Thanks and Good Luck!
  3. ScreenShotPrints

    Wow! Thanks for the advertisement Fates!! Has made a BIG difference in recent members already! Hope they and you enjoy the site. Thanks!!! Bob
  4. ScreenShotPrints

    Hey Guys, I've got a site going dedicated to aviation screenshot art and aviation art done by members. If you are interested please stop by. Thanks! Just click my sig for the link. ~S~ Bob
  5. F16D 2 Edits

    Thank You Deuces and Raptor!!
  6. F16D 2 Edits

    Kirk Olsson's F16D, same shot, 2 different edits. :) ~S~ Bob
  7. "Brothers"

    Hey System! Thanks Bro! Glad you like it! :) ~S~
  8. "Brothers"

    Thanks Gentlemen! Please let me know what your grandad thinks of it mate. :) Cheers, Bob
  9. Launch Authorised

    Great shot mate!!
  10. "Brothers"

    A Hurricane and Spitfire fly through the channel with the white cliffs of Dover in the background. ~S~ Bob
  11. "Filler Up"

    Wings of Power P51 Mustang composited into a real picture. "Filler Up" ~S~
  12. "Four Forty Sevens"

    Thanks IC! :) If you only knew my source for the backgrounds, Muhahahahahaah! j/k Cheers, Bob
  13. Question for Ban. Bob...

    All mouse work, hopefully someday I will get a tablet, would probably make things much easier. :) Thanks, Bob
  14. "Four Forty Sevens"

    This edit was done out of appreciation for some excellent P47 skins made by Simplex for Pacific Fighters merged. :) "Four Forty Sevens" ~S~
  15. Question for Ban. Bob...

    Thanks mate and thank your grandad for his service, means a lot that he was touched by the edit. I haven't done a EE Lightning edit but have the alphasim ones, may do one sometime and when I do, i'll make sure and contact you. As for the tutorials on editing, still haven't gotten to that, hopefully with time permitting I can get something done in that department. ~S~ Bob

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