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  1. Why can't I get a lock?

    VERY new at this sim. I'm trying to target lock and fire a sidewinder. I setup a TE with me and a recruit, but I cannot get the lock to work. It's keypad 0, right after you've lined up the crosshairs on him. I've tried RWS and TWS, I'm cycling thru modes and sub-modes (F1 and F11) and nothing seems to work. Wait a minute. As I write this I realize I'm seeing a little white hat and not a little yellow square. What's the white hat? I'm reading the basic manual and the PDF, but not getting anywhere. What do I have to do to get that '0' to LOCK the target and switch over to STT? Thanks for any suggestions.
  2. Is there an easy way to kill the sound on that guy that sounds like Ringo who yells 'Contact!' while the mission is loading? It was cool the first hundred times, but it's getting really old. And I always wonder how they got one of two remaining ex-Beatles to do wav's for a WW1 sim.
  3. Wings of Prey half price on Steam

    Well said and thank you for saying it. You made my day. I think this is just flat-out nuts.
  4. It's called 'Wings of Prey' and they say it will be out this year. Looks pretty amazing: http://www.gamershell.com/companies/gaijin_entertainment/666868.html If this is a better-looking, but not as hard IL-2 I'm all over it like bronze on a doorknob.
  5. Is there any way to turn off the little blue lines of info in the bottom right corner? (Throttle, bombs-remaining, etc). Also, related question.....what's the quickest way to get to the keyboard maps? I've been going to 'Quick Flight' then 'Go to Field' and then looking at my key commands. Is there an easier way to bring that screen up? Thanks for any suggestions.
  6. This game drives me nuts. None of my 'look around' views are working. Numpad 2, 3, 7, etc. Use with scroll-lock to toggle from snap to slide view. Well, none of them work. I'm using my own keyboard map. Do user-generated keyboard maps just not work in this game? I thought maybe it was because of the 'you padlocked a target that crashed and now you have to unpadlock, but that doesn't seem to help anything. No, I'm not using Trackir (I get migraines). Any suggestions greatly appreciated. I've finally got some time to spend on this sim and would like to get it working right.
  7. Views aren't working ?!?

    Here's what I've found this morning: If I don't have a plane targeted and I hit 'padlock' then the snap views stop working. This is obviously not a problem, if you're in padlock you aren't doing snap around viewing. If your padlocked target crashes then your snap views are still disabled. I can fix this by just hitting the 'padlock' key again. I thought I'd been doing that after shooting down all the enemies and still couldn't get snaps to work. But this morning it all worked fine. I'll keep experimenting, but this morning all I have to do is cycle 'padlock' with no target selected and I get my views back.
  8. I'm playing the ROF demo now and it is very pretty. But the 'login' thing is a major PITA. And buying each one of your planes? Another PITA. I find OFF more 'scaleable' in terms of difficulty - there are 'flying aids' you can use which make the game much easier. Damn, ROF is HARD. It's easy to find a copy of CFS3 online and it's easy to buy OFF. It is really a much, much more 'finished product' than ROF. I'm thinking maybe ROF will be 'done' in another year.
  9. Views aren't working ?!?

    Nope, that wasn't it. Even with numlock on or off I still LOOSE ALL MY KEYPAD VIEWS. I'm in the game, I'm flying, I'm padlocking people, I'm turning on labels, I'm doing a bunch of stuff. I shoot a guy down. I CAN'T CHANGE MY INSIDE VIEWS ANYMORE. I've tried to 'unpadlock' (hitting '~' again), NOTHING SEEMS TO WORK. What is the deal here? Is this a bug? Or some 'undocumented feature' that I need to work around? All comments welcome.
  10. Views aren't working ?!?

    Thanks, it was the Num-lock.
  11. Just bought F4:AF tonight and patched to 1.013. I've selected 1680x1050 32bit graphics. But I have black bars on my cockpit? What am I doing wrong here? All suggestions welcome.
  12. That "other WW1 flight sim"

    I just got an email from these folks. I told them to take me off their mailing list as long as they had an internet check for single players. They said they were working on that. We shall see......
  13. That's what apple movie trailers says, anyway: http://www.apple.com/trailers/independent/theredbaron/ I know it's not the movie it could have been but I want to see it anyway.
  14. OT Worst 'Simulator' ever?

    It's sure to be a huge hit with the society for putting things on top of other things.
  15. Wings of Prey on STEAM

    Ditto. And yet oddly enough I just this week spent twenty bucks on HITR, so I DO have money to spend on computer gaming.
  16. I'm too busy to spend much time playing this game. Don't really have the time. But I just bought HITR. Why? To support this product. When people make a good product and don't have screwy DRM, I will give them my money. Now, to see if I can free up some time.....
  17. What DRM thing? All you need to do is have the MFCS3 disc in the drive, pretty standard stuff. And it is a fabulous flight sim.
  18. I saw a screenie of the menu screen for HITR. It said something like 'Registered, all installed addons are fully enabled!'. Does this mean you have to 'register' (ie, authenticate over the internet) when you install this? I looked all thru the requirements and didn't see anything about 'internet connection required'. Thanks for any info.
  19. OT-Wings of Prey

    Yes, their support is abysmal. I had a problem with their client and emailed them three times, no reply. Posted in the forum about it, no reply. You have to create an account for their webpage, but they won't let you create your own password? These people are not serious.
  20. Hell yes. I'm buying this right now.
  21. OT-Wings of Prey

    I tried the demo....what is there, maybe one targeting command? It's the thinnest set of keyboard controls I've ever seen. And you have to buy it to find out you're limited to three installs? Oh, but you can email tech support for more. Yeah, good luck with that. I wrote three emails to tech support about a problem with their client, never got a reply. It's pretty, I'll give you that.
  22. That "other WW1 flight sim"

    Amen, brother. You couldn't give me a game that requires single-player authentication multiple times when playing single-player. And it decides when to update your installation, not you? Their business model is FUBAR.
  23. Oh, I see you've played IL-2......
  24. Well, it takes them about two years after release to get stable patches, so don't hold your breath on this one. Maybe your kids can play it when they grow up.
  25. OT New 'Total War' coming

    I DO. I was a huge fan of the original 'Dawn of War', played all those games to death. 'DAWII', requiring steam? SCREW THAT. I never bought it and never will. No clients installed on my PC, thank you very much. Steam works for lots of people, doesn't mean it's a good idea or you should install it on your PC.

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